My friend chicant

On the road of life, without friends, it is not a complete life. I like making friends very much, so I have many partners. Today I'll tell you one of them.

A shiny yellow hair, a pair of bright big eyes, a straight nose, a red mouth, a round face, wearing a yellow short sleeve, black sports pants and blue sports shoes, this is my first impression of chicant.

Chikent is a sunshine boy of mixed race between Canada and China. He can speak fluent English and transferred Chinese. He grew up in Canada and came back with his sister this year. His sister and my sister are friends, so we know each other.

Chikent is four years younger than me. At the age of eight, he always treats everyone with a bright smile. When I first met him, he warmly said hello to me, and I answered hi. This is the opening speech of our meeting. In less than ten minutes, we had a heated conversation. I love listening to him very much. It can be described as both voice and emotion. English, transferred Chinese, hands and eyebrows. My name, um - do you know name? Oh! Yes, yes, that's what it means. Yes, chicant. I'm 8 years old! Hey! You don't dislike my Chinese. Isn't it OK? I'll laugh when I think about his funny appearance now. In fact, he wanted to say: my name is chikent. I like Xi'an very much because I love chili and noodles. He said these simple words for five minutes.

We later played happily together for half a month. His Chinese has also improved a lot under my leadership. Although sometimes an English word will pop up suddenly when talking, it is no longer like talking with words crowded before.

We cherish every day, but the old man finally drew a vast sea among us.

However, less than a month apart, we found a tool for us to chat - video call, so we continued this friendship.

On my birthday, another surprise came to me.

With the song "Happy Birthday", I blew out the candles. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I opened the door. Outside the door stood an express uncle who asked me to sign for it. I looked at the box and thought of it all in English. I took the box and couldn't wait to open it. There was a beautiful packing box in it. I opened it with curiosity. Wow, what a beautiful necklace and a greeting card. It said: sister Xuanxuan, happy birthday! I miss you very much!

How happy! I rushed into the computer room, opened the computer and his video, told him the joy in my heart, and he was also very happy.

I still treasure that necklace and greeting card. Because it is a symbol of our friendship. Although we are separated by the vast sea, our friendship remains the same.

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