My friend, thank you for your helplessness

My friend, although we are far apart now, the acquaintance in February of the year of Jiawu is a wealth for me. Fortunately, you were there at that time, otherwise I can hardly imagine that you are the harbor of my heart when I am helpless. Thank you very much.

Many things are not as bright as the surface. Sometimes innocence and innocence are silly. Once we were stupid together. With you, I felt warm and safe. You don't know how inseparable I am from you. I didn't want to be alone. I really had no direction and couldn't make a decision alone

We came to Beijing with our own ideas. You want to be an agent, and I want to be a makeup artist; You took relevant courses in college, but I only have the foundation of art, but I haven't studied makeup at all.

On my way to Beijing, a traveler analyzed my situation and said: you must have been cheated. He will definitely ask you to pay the money at that time.

I pretended to be calm and said in a face saving manner: No, he will take the money from me at that time, so I will leave without paying it. But the fact is that I foolishly paid 500 certificates and other fees, and let me take the bus to the remote Nangong. I was afraid, but I comforted myself: it won't be false

Next, I came to a courtyard in Nangong, and later moved to a courtyard. In fact, I came late into the night from the evening. This courtyard is no more than before. It starts with mass actors, but this shallow circle is really frightening. Only you and I understand the true feelings of this story.

Remember that gym? Remember what you told me? Stay for a while. My mother said that if she couldn't get through it, she would go home and look for a job in Guangzhou.

People in the circle of friends think it's novel to do group performance. Do you see any big stars? And I hope you can become a role and so on. How good is that? These are unreachable dreams. Later, I was an excellent group performance of the crew. The general director said I was serious about playing the dead body. The two live directors recognized my acting skills. The people in the props group thought I was born in Keban. In fact, I don't want to be urged, but to do better. Dispensability is not what I want. For two weeks, my friend and I were on the scene.

Around this shooting base, there are one layer after another. There is a boss above the boss, and we are the youngest. For two months in Nangong, we lived in a remote village with a lot of lies dragging our wages, food and shelter. We didn't spend much money at ordinary times, so we were content with the situation.

But you and I, both of us are girls, and we have to learn to protect ourselves from being deceived by lies. Fortunately, finally, we saw the reality and chose to leave.

I know you still want to be an agent, but that grass-roots level is really a black hole.

Do you remember the five meter wide road you passed when you went back to the compound? Only on one side are factory buildings and residential bungalows. There is a lighting lamp 30 meters away. It's almost early in the morning. We took a private job and watched a program together. It turned out that money was really hard won. It's hard to imagine that I changed from there. I'm just different from me at that time.

At that time, you said that I would invest in a film in the future! Stepping on the road to the bus stop, I talked with you about the big investment plan. Friend, if I have money, I will invest. I will accept the actors recommended by you after I write the script. I believe you. But what are we doing now? You've changed three jobs, and I'm still selling contemporary calligraphy and painting. Now we two can only dream? We are overwhelmed by life. We deal with all kinds of troubles and boredom in life. I haven't seen my friend for a year or two

Sometimes I'm afraid I haven't seen each other for more than a year. Will there be a gap between you and me? But we didn't dislike each other at that time, not to mention now? If you have nowhere to go, my arms will always be open to you.

I really miss you, but sometimes I'm afraid I'll be inferior to you if I don't do well. For more than a year, I have troubles and always talk to you, as if you never left. I haven't slept in the same bed with you for a long time. Our common bed has been changed three times. The first one is that I just arrived at the courtyard of Nangong. It was too cold in the courtyard, so we folded our quilts and slept together. The second picture is a darker yard. There are many places we recall, including worry free, sorrow, tears and stubbornness. The third is the double bed we rented after we left a hotel together. At this time, our life has been on track and we have begun to fall in love.

Now you go to Wuhan because he is there. Friend, you must be with someone who is really good to you. You say you like Gao Fu Shuai, but now none of them can reach it. You say you like his eyes. You say no one is chasing you. Just talk to him!

In fact, I don't like your boyfriend. I always think he's not good enough for you. In the past, when you quarreled with him and the cold war, you were weak. You were also a person who loved to cry. You would cry for your feelings. I hope you'll be together at last, because you've been hurt for him. I'm afraid others will be bad to you, but I hope a sincere person loves you, never leaves you, and can't get rid of beating and scolding!

Friend, the initial darkness has passed, and now we are free. It's nice to meet you in the year of Jiawu. Thank you for your kindness to me all the time, and you still don't know your help to me at that time. Thank you.

To my friend: Chen Ling

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