My hobby - Dance

My hobby - Dance

In life, there will always be some favorite projects, that is hobbies. When it comes to hobbies, some people say, "I like painting." Some people say, "I like playing badminton!" But I like reading books. I like reading and dancing, but I also enjoy playing.
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How can I fall in love with dancing? Please listen to me slowly. I remember one afternoon during the holiday, when I just turned on my computer to play online games, my father appeared behind me and said to me, "what time is it now? Don't play online games. Read books." I was very angry and thought: why don't I play online games. But on second thought, dad is very dignified. He can't listen to me. So, I had to go to the yard to play music and dance, but my heart was still tangled. All of a sudden, my good friend EVA called me downstairs to play games with my friends. I happily turned off the music. When I was ready to leave and play with them, my father appeared again. His eyes were harsh. I quickly reached out to the fence and said to EVA, "I haven't finished my dance yet. I'll play with you after I finish my dance." At this time, I saw a look of approval from my father's eyes. I turned on the music and began to practice my dance. As I practiced, I found that my dance movements were more and more standardized and rhythmic.

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With the music, my rhythm and movements are more and more harmonious, and my movements are more and more beautiful; there are many kinds of emotions in the music, sometimes making people laugh; sometimes it is painful, and there is a lot of knowledge in the music, so people always feel benefited after listening to it. From that day on, I practiced dancing every day and showed these performances to my parents. From that day on, I seldom saw my father's stern eyes again. Practicing dance can make me happy and exercise. Later I learned all kinds of dance, tap dance, jazz dance, ballet dance, Cha Cha dance, tango, ballroom dance and so on! My father also bought me Cheap Dancing shoes:cheap tap shoes, cheap jazz shoes, cheap ballet shoes, cheap Cha Cha shoes, cheap Tango shoes and cheap ballroom dance shoes. My shoe cabinet is full of all kinds of cheap tap dancing shoes, cheap jazz dancing shoes, cheap ballet shoes, cheap Cha Cha shoes and cheap Tango shoes. The wardrobe is full of cheap tap dance costumes, cheap Jazz costumes, cheap ballet costumes, cheap Cha Cha costumes and cheap Tango costumes. This is the kingdom of my costumes and dance shoes!All this is from dance  shoes outlet factory!

It's so interesting to practice dancing. I can not only learn all kinds of dances, but also learn how to be a person! That's my hobby. How about you?

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