My home

My home

I have a warm and harmonious family, grandfather, grandmother, my parents and I, just like a colorful flower, gorgeous and charming.

My grandfather is a health fan, like a golden petal in the sunset. Every day, he always holds a big tea cup, chrysanthemum tea, Luohan tea, dandelion tea in turn, to protect his health. "Walk a hundred steps after a meal, live to ninety-nine", after a meal, walk an hour is grandfather rain or shine. My grandfather's only "job" is to take me to school. He is more diligent than his bodyguards. The funniest thing is that he told me some health knowledge along the way, just like some health experts on TV giving lectures. "The most beautiful but sunset red, warm and calm", I wish my grandfather a healthy and long life!

My grandmother has a pair of hard-working skilful hands, she arranged our family's life in good order. Whether it's meat dishes or vegetarian dishes, she has a good taste. Among them, beer duck, spicy chicken wings, dry pot tea tree mushroom, chopped pepper fish head are all her signature dishes, and there are countless masterpieces. She also cleaned our house clean and clean. She is like a blue petal, refreshing, calm and peaceful.

My father is a "workaholic" and has a fiery passion for his work and family. He got up very early every day, packed himself up and went to work. I was sleeping soundly at that time! He always comes to see me or covers me before going out. When he came home from work in the evening, I had entered a sweet dream. He often said: "for this family, no matter how hard and tired it is, it's worth it." He is the pillar of our family, also like a big umbrella, for our shelter. He is also like the red sun, giving us warmth and hope.

I have a gentle and strict mother, one moment is black, one moment is white. In life, mother is very concerned and considerate of her family. But in the treatment of my conduct and learning, like a fierce tiger. She made a number of strict rules for me: no late for class, no early leave, no leave for anything of special importance, no things irrelevant to study, no homework, no talking about everything, no laziness, no disrespect Tiger mother no dog girl, my habits are very good, the results are excellent, is the teacher's right-hand assistant.

I am a green seedling, full of infinite hope. At the age of ten, I like drawing, playing games with children and dancing. Not long ago, I held a football player's copy newspaper with pictures and texts. The teacher was full of praise and sent it to the class group. There were countless people who praised it. The students followed suit one after another, and a large group of "newspaper experts" emerged. My biggest weakness is timidity. I know the answer to the teacher's question, but I dare not raise my hand to speak, for fear that I will make teachers and students laugh at me if I make a mistake. When I sleep, I always cover the quilt tightly, for fear that some bad people will come in and hurt me. For my favorite dance, my parents gave me a dance class, every day to learn all kinds of dance, ballet, jazz and so on! Students also know that I like dance, give me cheap dance shoes, cheap dance clothes! Thank you very much for the gift from my friends and family!

Five color flower, beautiful flower, I love this five color flower in the big garden of our motherland.

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