My home is like a little Zoo

My home is like a little Zoo

My family is very much like animals in the zoo.

My mother is strict with me, like a big tiger, sometimes very gentle, like a small sheep. One night, my mother accompanied me to write my homework. I accidentally wrote several words wrong. My mother yelled at me angrily, and she hated to eat me like a tiger. She is gentle like a sheep as long as she doesn't write her homework.

My father is fat and lazy, like a giant panda who is lazy. Every time you come back from work, you will lie in bed for the first time and watch your phone. Dad is smart sometimes like a monkey. Once, I thought about a math problem for a long time, and my father came to help me to see it. He understood it all at once, and explained it to me carefully.

My brother is smart, flexible and has a strong memory. He likes dancing sometimes, like a gorilla with extraordinary intelligence. He dances in his cheap dancing shoes. Once, we went to Laoshan and went to the middle of the mountain and we lost our way. Finally, my brother took us to the top of the mountain with the map. Sometimes my brother is like a bear sleeping in winter, like to lie in bed and read books, and don't like to go out and play. I always stick to my brother like gum. Sometimes people call us bear big and bear two.

I feel like a little monkey, always come up with a way when people are in trouble, sometimes there are some strange ideas in my head. I also like dancing, in bed, in the living room to dance a variety of dance, I have a lot of cheap dance shoes, this is my mother from time to time to reward me!

My home is very like a zoo. I love my home!

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