My sister

My sister

I have a lively and lovely sister, round face with a pair of grape like eyes, a small nose, plus a cherry mouth, she is very lovely, if you look carefully, you will see her smile when the shallow dimple.

My sister is not only lovely, but also loves to cry, often crying all the time. For example: once, my mother was cooking in the kitchen, busy, sister do not know what to do, has been calling Mother. But, where can mom hear it. So I didn't pay attention to my sister's cry. At this time, my sister was angry, because she thought her mother ignored her, so she stamped her feet and cried. When my mother finished the meal and heard my sister's cry, she immediately rushed over, thinking that my sister and I bullied her and made her cry!

Another time, my mother took us to the supermarket to buy things. When we passed a children's clothing store, my quiet sister suddenly refused to leave, and said to my mother in a coquettish tone: "Mom, I want that princess skirt and that pair of tap dancing shoes. Can you buy them for me?" While talking, he pointed to the princess skirt and dance shoes with chubby fingers. Mother looked at it and said to her sister, "there are enough skirts and dance shoes in our family. We don't need to buy any more. Let's go But when she heard this, she stamped her foot and burst into tears. All passers-by stopped to watch. In this case, my mother had to buy the beautiful princess skirt and cheap tap shoes for my sister.

With the growth of her younger sister's age, she is not as crying and unreasonable as before. On the contrary, my sister is now loved by everyone and has many advantages, and her former disadvantages are slowly disappearing. My sister is also improving day by day. I'm also very happy to see my sister develop in a better direction.

Let me start with helping others! At home, my sister can talk to her whenever she needs when we are working. So my sister is always running around, helping us with this and that. In school, when other students need help or lose something, my sister is always eager to help them find things or generously lend them her own things. This is my sister's pleasure of helping others! My sister is not only helpful but also filial to her parents! My sister is very fond of taking care of others and is also very filial, especially to her mother. She is very caring and considerate. When others see her, they all admire her and praise her with admiration: "your sand mud really understands you! If I had such a good daughter, I would have enjoyed it During her mother's illness, Sandi didn't forget to remind her mother to drink medicine, and helped her pour hot water to dry. When her mother washes vegetables, she will also ask for help. Do what you can. Isn't this filial piety?

This is my sister, a helpful, lively and filial sister. Although she has shortcomings, her advantages are numerous. I love my sister. Do you like my sister, too?

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