my third mother-in-law

My father-in-law Ke's wife, in her 60s, found an old companion - my third mother-in-law. The third mother-in-law is also Ke, and the father-in-law is her third husband. People around them said that their lives were very hard, so they could live together safely. They lovingly passed through more than 20 years of old age, proving that those statements are somewhat interesting.

The third mother-in-law is 4 years younger than her father-in-law. They live in four places successively. Wherever she was, she accompanied her father-in-law. She did so because of her view of marriage - follow the chicken, follow the dog, and the grief and hardship of losing her husband. This time, we must accompany her to the old age, and remind her to speak gently to her wife and be a good partner at any time; Always remind her to do things reasonably in front of her two children and be a good elder.

The third mother-in-law was born in the mountain area of Western Hubei during the Anti Japanese war. It was impossible to go to a private school before liberation. After liberation, she was unable to read because of many sisters. She did housework from primary school and learned to do farm work. When she became an adult, she became a military sister-in-law.

Before her third mother-in-law got married, her father had been the brigade secretary. At that time, the countryside was extremely poor and lacked food and clothing. The life of the Secretary's family was as difficult as that of the masses. In that era of material scarcity, the good deeds of her family still remain in her mind.

A small group of lonely old man Yang Qiushui broke his breath at sunset, and the captain quickly reported to the brigade. After hearing this, the father who ate at home left his job, took a flashlight and walked 3 kilometers to the first team. Under the kerosene lamp, my father organized the members to deal with the aftermath. It was early in the morning when I came home. The third mother-in-law heard her mother opening the door and saw her father's tired look under the kerosene lamp, which is still fresh in her mind. Father tilted in bed for several hours and immediately got up. At dawn, he rushed back to a team to send the old man up the mountain. How can the third mother-in-law forget the image of a father who serves the masses wholeheartedly?

The captain of the third team is old and young, and life is difficult. My wife died of illness. When she was buried, my mother put on her new clothes made for the new year and took off her release shoes... Now the captain's children are over half a century old and live a happy life. Every time I see my third mother-in-law, I always talk about it. It's hard to express my gratitude. A kind mother naturally leaves an indelible impression in the hearts of her children. The third mother-in-law is proud of having such a mother.

Aunt Wang's family in Wang's yard has a small labor force and the collective rations are not enough to eat. They often borrow food to live. That day, my brother came home from school and told his mother, "Mom, Aunt Wang's son Wang Yong only had one meal a day at school. The family is running out of food." Mother was stunned and hurried to the garden to discuss with her father. The father said, "dear, send Aunt Wang three liters of corn and relax for a few days. How can the little boy read hungry? "“ Good! " The younger brother answered loudly. Mother went upstairs to open the grain cabinet, put the corn in a cloth bag and gave it to bosom friend. Bosom took the bag, carefully carried it downstairs, and happily sent the food.

The third mother-in-law often praised her brother: "bosom friend, you love reading and have a good heart. You will be promising when you grow up." After growing up, he worked in the finance office and finally retired as deputy director.

Although the third mother-in-law didn't go to school for a day, what she learned in the two schools of family and society is something that many current scholars can't learn in a lifetime.

After the husband of the third mother-in-law returned from a job transfer, he soon took over the post of brigade secretary.

That day, the red guards in the brigade caught minister Shu and held a criticism meeting. First hung on the beam and fought for half an hour. When the rope broke, he stood and fought. However, he stood with his head down and a bucket around his neck. There is some dirty water and stones in the bucket.

Shu was sweating and looked miserable. Suddenly, the third mother-in-law in the crowd rushed onto the stage, took down the smelly bucket and threw it aside. Holding Shu's arm, she shouted to the rebels, "you little things are so inhumane! I'll take the benefactor of our brigade away today and see what you do to me. " The third mother-in-law turned around and snapped at the brigade cadres sitting on the stage: "minister Shu has done so many good things for our brigade, have you forgotten! If this goes on, you will be the one to criticize in the near future! "

The rebels didn't expect the Secretary's wife to perform this performance. They didn't expect it, so they had to give up.

Why did the third mother-in-law do this?

It turned out that Shu was the armed Minister of the commune. When his father was a secretary, he was a cadre of the brigade. He often stayed with his mother in law, sometimes for a few days. The third mother-in-law is very clear about Shu's behavior and solving problems for the brigade. After his husband took over as secretary, Shu still often came to work.

On that day, Shu Lu passed the captain's house and saw that the door was sealed. He hurried to see what happened. He thought the seal was inappropriate, so he added a word, put away his pen, turned around, and three red guards blocked the way... As for what word it was, the elderly third mother-in-law couldn't remember. But I always remember that I was beaten for one word.

It is commendable that the third mother-in-law clearly distinguishes between good and bad, especially in that restless era. The courage of the third mother-in-law to make a scene at the venue was unique in the whole commune and even the whole region during the cultural revolution.

After her husband died of illness, it was not easy for her mother-in-law to pull her three children. After being introduced by a kind person, she married to another commune. The husband is a hardworking and loyal member of the club. Although he is not very good after marriage, he can eat enough. Gradually, children were added to the family. Collectives work more and get more. They are allowed to engage in sideline industries. Later, they divide the fields to households, and their children grow up and gradually start a family. When resettling in the reservoir area, they moved to the resettlement community, and the conditions in all aspects are getting better and better. The third mother-in-law never dreamed of something happened - her husband died of illness. The third mother-in-law often thought of sharing weal and woe and sharing weal and woe.

That autumn, the house leaked rain, so we had to fill it with pots and pour it out. The house leaks, but it rains continuously. The children were obedient and consciously helped the adults pour it. They tossed for several days. It's sunny after the rain. Please ask the master to pick up the tiles. When the leak was gone, the third mother-in-law breathed a sigh of relief. The family huddled on a big bed and the quilt was covered by the child. The third mother-in-law and her husband stopped by the bed and could only sleep with clothes

When immigrants built houses, in order to reduce the financial pressure at home, the third mother-in-law and her husband beat hollow bricks of a three story bungalow. There is the sun to keep the bricks healthy. The sprinkled water is picked from the well to the construction site. Every time I return to the old house, my third mother-in-law is always sweating. When building the house, I simply slept in the shed and did all the small work. After the three-story new house was built, the husband died before he lived for three years.

Every time I recall those lost and unforgettable things, my third mother-in-law always hides in the house and sobs: "now the conditions are getting better and just enjoy happiness, but you have left us... So many difficulties and hardships have survived... How good it would be if you didn't go!"

In order to get out of her sorrow as soon as possible, her children strongly supported her to find an old companion. It was in this case that her father-in-law came into her life.

My father-in-law's hometown is in the mountains. Although the mountains and rivers are beautiful and the land is fertile, the road is hardened and the traffic is not convenient. The two elders agreed that the father-in-law would live with the third mother-in-law.

When my father-in-law was 80 years old, he was weak and sleepy. He felt that his deadline was coming and asked to go back to his hometown. My father-in-law couldn't walk. After getting off the bus, he carried the basket made of wooden ladder into the hall. Only two eyes turned from time to time. The villagers around talked one after another.

The third mother-in-law cleaned up the house, cooked and washed clothes, fed food and medicine, and took good care of her. Her father-in-law gradually improved. Half a month later, she miraculously walked. Later, she was able to take care of herself. The third mother-in-law cooked and the father-in-law sat there telling jokes. An enviable old couple lived together with kindness and love, fulfilling the old saying - less husband and wife, always company.

This year, the third mother-in-law is 80 years old and deaf, but she still serves her father-in-law well. It is difficult for her father-in-law to take care of herself, but she never leaves and is praised by many people.

The third mother-in-law is a very ordinary woman in a small mountain town. She has experienced both old and new societies and crossed two centuries. Her fate is bumpy and full of disasters. She raised six children in her life. She is a heroic mother who is not afraid of difficulties and hardships; Handling the family relationship composed of 12 children, he is not a simple wise elder; The old lady and her father-in-law never involve future generations. She is a rare partner who dares to take responsibility.

When my mother-in-law was young, she was like a lark with her morning song; Old age is like a nightingale with her Nocturne. She wrote an ordinary but extraordinary song of life for the older generation of rural women. I will always praise this song.

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