My two brothers

My two brothers

See the title, everybody can not misunderstand Oh, my two brothers are not my brothers, they are my father and younger brother's son. Now I'll talk about them.

Older brother, xiaomingbaozi, was a sophomore year student. He was not allowed to look like a man. He was not young in sea. He was not young in his ability. He is quick in action, and he is a "sprinter" and a dance expert in the class. Our brothers and three people do forward bending together, which is the most standard of his movements, and the fastest is completed. He also dances the best. He can dance all kinds of dances in cheap dance shoes, and he will wear cheap tap dancing shoes to dance step dancing, and the cheap ballroom dance shoes will dance ballroom dance. But if there are high and low bars, he will climb and jump low, as a monkey. Although he runs fast, he has two "slow.". One is to write homework slowly, it seems that he is doing homework seriously, but half an hour has passed, a page has not been finished, which makes his mother very sad. Second, the food is slow and the food is serious. It is the level of kindergarten. You can imagine that he is a "thin monkey"! If he is angry, he will hold his arms in his hands and twist his head aside: "hum!" For a long time, I didn't care about people. Sometimes I would lie down on the ground. This is a stubborn little monkey.

Little brother Rui, when he first met, he was still a little guy with a bottle. When the family went out to travel and lived outside, Rui was not used to the new environment. He was crying or humming one night, but he broke his parents and dad in a hurry. Again, he and Baochai come to our house to play. The crying ball is already a primary school student in grade one. He has a straight body and a pair of glasses on his nose. It will take a long time to play with us. He can dance, but mainly in jazz and ballet, I also sent him a pair of cheap jazz dance shoes and a pair of cheap ballet dance shoes, Don't look at his fat, it's very powerful to dance. After nine, the parents shouted "it's time to go home", but they both had a good time and they didn't want to go home. His mother said to go home and play again. Ruirui put her head on her head and complained: "it must not be able to play home!" I gave them each a little LEGO toy, and I couldn't easily agree to go back. When she got out of the door, Rui remembered what the big people promised: finished the homework, and could play together on weekends, asking for a written down agreement.

Since then, the weekend night turns to eat and play at home. They are very old. For toys and seats, you fight for me to rob. They are always making a fuss and making them laugh and crying. One time, I had dinner in my house, because Rui ate fast and won the last chicken wing. But he was taken away by the quick eyed treasure boy, which almost triggered a war. The last one pulled half of the fight to calm down the battle.

With such two younger brothers, I am very happy, but I am glad that I am not living under a roof, or my parents will worry, I will have a headache every day.

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