My way to dance

My way to dance

Music is the art of life, dance is the footstep poem, and painting is line to outline. Every art works is a collection of the author's heart and blood, beating pulse, and everyone has an art road.

And art all comes from life. When I was only two years old, I saw my sister dancing in bright clothes on the stage. I was envious. So I decided to dance later -- to be a dancer like my sister. Tap dance, jazz dance, Latin dance, etc. Like them, wearing tap dance shoes can make a wonderful sound. Wearing jazz dance shoes can bring a gorgeous dance, and wearing Latin dance shoes can dance beautiful rhythm!

But both dad and mom said I was too young. Day after day, I was three years old in a flash. When my mother put forward the idea again, I was totally uninterested, but my mother said: "you look at you as a fat man, and you will not practice any more. You will be a big winter melon!" No way. She dragged me away. I stepped into the big threshold of dance.
ballroom dance shoes

In our classroom, all are big brothers and big sisters. Of course, I am the youngest. But at first, I could accept that I was also interested in this art. What we taught us is a big sister with beautiful dancing. She is strict.
women tap dance shoes

At first, we only practice basic dance skills, such as pressing feet and lowering our waist. We put our legs on the pole and used our full strength to stick the upper part of our feet. I cried out in pain, turned to look, hey, the teacher is not here, can be lazy! Just ready to relax, the teacher's stern eyes but like a knife swept over, I hurriedly insisted. Lift your head up, and look hard. After my unremitting efforts, I overcome this difficulty - two weeks later, I not only press my feet well, but a word horse is not in the word!

ballroom dance shoes
Seeing that I have made such great progress, the teacher smiled with joy. She also began to teach us some difficult movements, such as back lifting, back and forth, big jump The deepest thing I remember is to lower my waist. Every time I practice this, I am always afraid of uneasiness, afraid of myself falling down and falling up. But the teacher is patient to encourage me to face this situation. She supports me. I slowly go underground and try to grasp my feet. In this way, Kung Fu is not a heart-bearing person, I have succeeded! Other movements, I also practice hard, a bite, then passed.

dance shoes
Now I am a big sister, and I go to the competition and win many awards. I understand a reason, dance, need to pay immeasurable effort and sweat to water it, so that the flower of success will bloom perfectly.

My dance is still a long way, but I will always go straight ahead

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