New dance teacher in our class

New dance teacher in our class

As early as the beginning of this semester, we received a message: our dance teacher will change people this semester into teacher Chen Shuming, who is called the first dance in middle school. We heard that the dance teacher has a unique teaching method. When we hear this, we suddenly have a curious heart. We hope that the dance teacher will come to class for us earlier, but we will read it Think about it, alas! All grade and even the school know that although class 14 in our first grade is the best class of dance creativity by the dance teacher, it is also very clever, but it is hard to manage the famous stab! No, the dance teacher has changed two, but the dance performance can not be improved.

The first class of the school begins with our keen expectation that a scholar with a slightly dark skin, medium body and medium body is hanging on his nose. At a glance, like a scholar without the power of his hand, he only sees the dance teacher coming in with a smile, and introduces himself to us first when he comes in. After introducing himself, he talks with a cadence. His voice is magnificent Li, then gave me a beautiful tap dance, we immediately came to interest, but to see the dance teacher, I am afraid that we can not deal with the class that the special class troubling "black and white impermanence.".

Indeed, before long, the class was not long. Bai impermanence students could not bear their temperament and began to whisper with the surrounding students. The dance teacher just glanced at "Bai impermanence" and continued to talk about his dance theory class. When he saw that the dance teacher did not care about him, he thought it was the dance teacher who was afraid and became more and more flexible. The dance teacher just went to the "Bai impermanent classmate" Next to the seat, he continued to talk while glancing at "Bai impermanent classmates". He didn't seem to see it. He was still dancing, dancing, swearing and talking about his long talk, without any intention of putting the dance teacher in his eyes.

Suddenly, the dance teacher made a surprise and walked to the "Bai impermanent classmate" side: "come on, you and I rehearse a dance together." Then from class to class, all noon in high-intensity rehearsal. After rehearsal, the teacher said, "it doesn't matter. Today you see who dares to make trouble in class. Next time I call him the same as this classmate!" The whole class suddenly took a breath of cool, only "black impermanent students" spit out tongue, clearly is the expression of the heart and live up to the rest of the life, and then look at the dance teacher, the figure of the dance teacher in my eyes has been several times larger, as if it is God.

Later, no one dared to make trouble in the dance teacher's class, even "black and white impermanence". Teacher Chen used dance practice to talk to us in the whole class, which inspired our enthusiasm for dancing. Now, our class's English achievement has greatly improved compared with the past, and we have gradually become interested in dance. I believe that, under the deep teaching of teacher Chen ' The class will have a higher level of dance performance!

Under his leadership, we learned jazz dance, tap dance, modern dance , classical dance, Qiaqia dance, Latin dance. He also recommended a variety of dance shoes, jazz dance shoes, ballet dance shoes, tap dance shoes, ballroom dance shoes, and the dancing shoes he recommended are good and cheap! With his help and guidance, we are more and more diverse and professional in the dance stage style!

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