No dispute, no noise, that year

The dawn of the morning, through the window, falls on the books piled up by the window, on the messy hair that I have to comb in the future. For a long time in the morning, I woke up like this because of the depression and irritability in the summer, or because of the familiar face that often haunts me in my dream.

No dispute, no noise, that year, you left quietly. Even a goodbye, you are so stingy. This is not your style, because your generosity and openness have always been my favorite. So, do not believe, or do not believe. I never take the initiative, and I am extremely persistent. I summon up the courage to find you. I just figured it out at that time. I don't want to lose you. I can't lose you. If I really love you, I think I will give up my pride and hold, and try to stay with you.

I think that if a girl musters up the courage she has never had before, she will certainly get what she wants. However, it was too late. When I stood on the cold mountain top late at night, blowing the cold wind, and looking at the colorful neon at the foot of the mountain, I could not see your figure all the time. Go back, he won't show up! My cousin who accompanied me advised me not to wait any longer. I knew he wouldn't show up. I should have known such an ending. My laissez faire, my indifference, my arrogance, and my arrogance when I was young finally doomed the love that I did not want to give up to be destroyed in my hands.

When the cold wind blows, I don't feel cold, just silent tears, and my face feels cool. The moment I turned back, I knew that my love with him also turned around. There is no reason, and I don't want to ask why. Love doesn't need why. When we are happy together, that is love. When we turn around, love will disappear.

Such separation, in addition to not giving up will also be sad; In addition to tears will also be heartache. But I can't live like this every day. I have to learn to live my life. So, I learned how to fill the time I miss you.

I learn to skate, wrestle while sliding, and release myself in the wild music;

Betting on beer, I never drink. In order to gamble, I often get drunk in my favorite night Paris or night rain butterflies;

Crazy reading, no matter novels or short stories, if your love is gone, you will hide in others' love and cry and laugh;

I am lazy in my work. No matter how hard I work or how light I work, I always strive to work hard and sweat;

Quiet and elegant, I also learned to fight with others with red cheeks and sharp teeth.

All of these, in front of you before, are not camouflage, but never do. But when you left, I did everything.

Don't cry in the quilt, don't talk to yourself with your photos anymore, your leaving has forged a new me. Hard work has promoted me; The skating of wrestling let me release; The moment when I was drunk, I was able to forget my troubles; The number of quarrels made me strong.

So, when you left, I was depressed for a while. However, I still thank you. The love you gave me made me happy. The love you abandoned me made me grow up. It made me know how to be strong after giving up.
报错 笔记

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