No wonder that love letter was shrimp

That's why we like each other but can't be together. You can't find me and I can't find you in a wider circle except for sex. The short love at night is only suitable for burying in the waiting for you to appear in front of me someday. I told myself that I should be a person, a complete but leaky woman, and that piecemeal happiness could save me in the dark. So I don't think about whether it is love. I can't see clearly when I walk in the dark.

I am often asked whether we should choose to love ourselves more or those who love us more? Only in this lonely world can I find a person who can lead my life and let me feel the initial warmth.

In this way, I often think about this profound problem at a certain moment. I think we don't really need much. At some point, when the heart is on the verge of breaking out of loneliness, I can press your phone in the phone book without hesitation and hear your gentle voice. At the end without you, my pent up emotion is choking, but you can still feel my difference, so you are eager to ask, and even worried to find someone who won't let me alone. I think this may be the light happiness everyone hopes.

I agree that marriage and love belong to two states. But I still think, is there really a lot of difference between love and marriage? So that people are eager and afraid. I guess I should be a person who has not experienced love completely. If the ten day love with him is calculated, I should be happy for the oasis floating in my dry life.

It was a love affair with an elder half a year ago. I was embarrassed and shameless, and silently pestered him for a semester without words. The last time he turned around and cried, his voice came out. He drooped his eyebrows and said, "Do you hate me?"! You make me feel worse. I shook my head suddenly and fought. I left sadly and dared not look at him. But I think he should hate me, hate my entanglement, and hate my willfulness.

At that time, I was too ignorant to know that no matter in the country of love or friendship, they are fundamentally different from family. That is, in the first two, you are always a person, should be a complete person, rather than a wayward person. Do yourself a good job and don't be the trouble of others is what we should know before entering the society, because no one will take your kindness for granted. Everyone has his own period of fatigue, and everyone has his own independent space. Once that protective film is pierced by your ignorance and childishness, you will gradually understand where the so-called strength comes from only after you have experienced pain to break your original heart and cast it again.

So I didn't hate him, but I also hope he won't hate me, because without everything, blank is the best start, of course, if you can start. I can't go back, whether it's this beautiful short love or that friendship that I regret. In two important losses, I learned the truth that life is short. Be yourself.

I thought, why? Why did we break up? Why did I lose one of my best friends in my life at the same time.

The year before last, I was known to have a tendency to self harm. The conscientious and responsible counselor summoned my father from a long distance and took me to the psychiatric department for diagnosis. I seem to suffer from mild depression and moderate dependent personality disorder. I know that I seem to be in my own corner now and slowly move towards autism.

No wonder they are afraid of my words.

Everyone will be afraid of a person who is more terrible than a ghost at night.

After I read the Shrimp Red Love Letter by Bi Shumin's lady, I was secretly annoyed why I didn't encounter this article earlier. But when I thought about it later, would I have such a deep impression if I met it before it happened? It should be a deep forgotten. Because that's not in my life.

Pinellia is a beautiful season and the most prosperous period of life. After I got sad in the spring, I met me in the middle of summer and let me see this article. It opened the Jia I had wrapped up with words. I was in a hurry to wrap the ground. When the rotten meat on the wound was not torn off, the yellowing liquid would wash it away, and the clear water would take it away. Even if there was only a piece of rotten meat left, I would not let it die, let it leave my life, in their love and friendship, I have felt my own fresh life and vigorous heart.

Now, I have to tear off the scab and pick out the rotten meat. I forbore not to ask the reason why they left, because I knew that the reason was not the crime committed by others. Why should I let people who are so important to me in my life cry for me? Even if it was just tears to leave quickly, I would not give up. In my only memory, they accounted for too much, making me ignore the existence of other people.

Why does my love make them afraid? I just love them with my most selfless love like others. What's wrong with that?

I just hissed and roared when I was emotionally derailed. My ferocious face made it impossible to see through my heart at this moment. I just pierced my arm with sharp things when everyone was not paying attention to me, and carved my favorite words, but they said that they were afraid of those words.

For the first time, this way really attracted their strong attention. For the second time, they came to me anxiously. For the third time, they seemed a little nervous, and their eyebrows were a little tired. For the fourth time, the fifth time

People, or advanced animals, can form conditioned reflexes. When a person knows that he can coerce others to act according to his own will by means of self mutilation, he will be encouraged.

No wonder that love letter was shrimp red. No wonder I scared them.

I picked up the needle roasted on the fire and pierced the last trace of soul left by the rotten meat.

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