Notes to myself

Escape, not necessarily avoid, face, not necessarily the most uncomfortable; Lonely, not necessarily unhappy, get not necessarily long; Lose, not necessarily no longer have, turn around, not necessarily the weakest; Don't rush to say that you have no choice, thinking that there is only right and wrong in the world; There is not only one answer to many things, so we always have a way to go. Treat yourself well. After all, your life is not long. Don't envy the colors of other people's drinks. In fact, it may not be the boiled water we drink to quench our thirst. It is not deliberate to get it, so you often realize it. Do not cling to happiness, but happiness often patronizes. Knowing the world and not being sophisticated is the kindest maturity. There are many things in life, what can be forgotten is called the past, and what cannot be forgotten is called memory. A person's loneliness, sometimes, is difficult to hide for too long. For too long, people will become silent. At that time, some of the feelings of the past can not be found. Time is too thin and the finger gap is too wide. The end point of life is death and emptiness. There is no meaning at the end point. So we have to say: the meaning lies in the process. However, when the process betrays us, we turn our eyes to the end and comfort ourselves by saying: since the outcome is the same, why care about the process. Not willing to let go, because the pain is not hard enough, the injury is not deep enough. Time is changing, so are people. Some things, no matter how hard we try, can't go back. Find something you like and do it a little every day. As time goes on, you will see your growth.

Thank you for the past time. No matter it is loss or parting, no matter it is injury or pain, it is inseparable from the embellishment of flowering and withering. When yesterday passed by, today will not look back. Perhaps, because of this, we have learned to cherish each other and understand the value and possession of human kindness. Love life with those who like you; In the people who don't like you, to see the world. If you don't belong to yourself, why bother with your life. No matter how good others are, they are also others. No matter how unbearable you are, you are also your own unique self. As long as you try to be the best of yourself, life is enough. We all hope to meet a person in the best years, but it is often when we meet a person that we usher in the best years. On the road of life, there are too many why, no answer. Sometimes we are on the way to pay, we can gain, and we clearly see what we want or don't want. This is also a valuable result. Fate will treat gentle and affectionate people better than a cold heart.

Time changes, age is long, know more, see through more, and be happy less and less. Look down, time will dilute everything. When you encounter difficulties and setbacks, you might as well treat temporary difficulties as the darkness before dawn. As long as we observe and think with a positive attitude, we will find that the fact is far from as bad as we imagined. The bitterest thing in the world is that you can't help yourself; It is the most difficult thing in the world, but to look back when love is gone. The ever-changing life is like one's life. Which way to go is your choice. If you follow this road and stick to it, you will find that the scenery along the road is very beautiful, and life will change inadvertently, becoming better and better. The moon out of reach is always the most beautiful; The wind that cannot be grasped is always the fastest; He who cannot get it is always the best. In fact, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, it is in vain; No matter how deep the feelings do not belong to you, they are also empty talk. People who go far do not have to chase, and they should have dignity; There is no need to regret the discrete love, and there should be a bottom line for the love. Time is the best filter. Take away the short-term tenderness, and leave a long time together; Get rid of illusory ownership, select real friends, know how to unload, give the heart a space to breathe, and let the sun bathe.

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