Old neighbor, we finally get together

Old neighbor, we finally get together

Old neighbor, we finally get together,... It's still the same, it's still the old voice, it's still the old character, it's still the old temper, it's just a few more rings, it's just a few more Cangsang At this moment, I don't know how to express, I don't know how to tell, I only know to hug, I only know to hold

For more than 30 years, do you still remember the winding alley? Remember that lively and interesting alley We grew up together in this alley, we played together in this alley since childhood, we learned together since childhood, we helped together since childhood, we shared the same path from childhood, we talked about everything since childhood, we waited together, that is, happy, that is, endless fun

When the stars light up in summer, it is when we get together with a stool and a chair. We always have endless words, endless anecdotes and endless stories. We are happy in laughter, we enjoy in the ocean of knowledge

When we were young, we were in the alley. We went to the owners and the Li family. Everyone welcomed us and treated us well. We grew up in the enthusiasm of our neighbors, and we grew up in the knowledge of our neighbors... The most unforgettable thing is that there are countless beautiful angels in our alley, countless handsome boys in our alley, masters of knowledge in our alley, and profound teaching in our alley... Do you remember these... Maybe you still vaguely remember, but I know it clearly, because it often haunts my mind, Engraved in my heart... I really miss you! My old neighbor

Heaven has love and Buddha has righteousness. She said that we had a reason in previous lives and a fate in this life. After a long time, after a long time, we finally got together. We get together in a happy hotel, we get together in a group chat family. We cheer together, we are happy together. We boo the cold and ask the warm, and we talk to each other. We recall the past, we laugh about the present We will care for each other and help each other. We will be partners and friends for life. We will share the beauty of life, the happiness of life, and the health of life Forever, forever

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