On the table, a cup of scented tea, a transparent glass

Remember, that year, sadness was more than joy, and tears were more than smiles! She always lingers in sadness and joy

On the table, a cup of scented tea, a transparent glass. Her story, like the tea, is always thick and weak. The days are even more cyclical.

She said that time is the best healing drug! She finally came out of the haze and welcomed the most beautiful sunshine in the summer, and her joy was stained from then on.

She likes music, and prefers the lyrics and songs related to her mood. Is it a song? It must not be, it is the mood. She missed him, affectionate. In the dream, there was his shadow!

She has a lot of worries and wants to put them in the text. She wants to tell him that she misses him! Even, there is a trace of love in it!

Maybe he didn't believe it. How could she like him? It is also a good choice to appreciate the stars that are beyond our reach and beyond our reach! She always hoped that one day, he would come close to her dream!

That night, the bright moonlight and shining stars reminded her of her love! In the past, she always dreamed. There were many people who dreamed, but he was the only one missing. However, that night, it gave her endless joy and unexpected surprise, because he came, in a dream!

Handsome, can you describe it like this? NO, not enough! He is so gentle to her. He has a pair of hands that can warm her, and he has a heart that can melt her. The only word she thought of was "warm". She felt it. How warm it is to snuggle up beside him!

She woke up with her mouth still up! She sighed, what a beautiful dream, this time in life is enough! She has been very satisfied. She doesn't expect to see you, but she wishes you well!

No amount of words can express her feeling of being drunk alone! She was drunk, in a dream!

She wanted to find a chance to tell him the story. She has been looking for excuses and opportunities. She wants to say that someone misses him so much! I hope he can understand her mind.

That day, sunny! She was in the room, making a cup of tea, listening to a familiar song, and waiting for his presence in front of the screen in a day's time!

I haven't seen him for a long time. I don't know how he is from afar? She thought of him and went back to her dream again!

Sometimes, she couldn't tell whether it was a dream or a reality! Sometimes, she is as naive as a child, always having the same dream!

Long time no see. Finally, he sent a message, instantly excited her little heart, thumping!

Her face began to redden, which reflected the screen instantly! She told the story of her long absence, and he listened carefully

However, he did not know that, in fact, he had always been the person she missed and liked!

I didn't want to love you really, she said to him like this! But, she did love, absolutely!

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