On the way of research, we are fearless

Facing the "sunny day" at eight o'clock, the children of the research group rushed out early in the morning and did their best for the next two days of research tasks. Because our task of selecting topics is relatively heavy, we have to pay more efforts than others. "The task is heavy and the road is long". We never regret running on the road with this task and enthusiasm.

After the bumps along the way, we always remember our research task before we get out of the car. As soon as we got off the bus, we directly launched a questionnaire at the station. This small station seems to be occupied by our research team. The station is the place where people are most vigilant, but we have to face the difficulties and try to eliminate their inner feelings of resistance so that they can trust us enough. After tossing and turning, the museum here brightens our eyes and excites us. Each antique in the museum bears the memory of history, and each one symbolizes the development of society. Maybe we were lucky enough to meet the curator who explained a lot of folk customs to us and told us about their journey to protect traditional culture. We didn't go in vain this time. We saw a culture we had never seen before and felt their affinity for traditional culture. The modesty of the curator made me sincerely respect him.

One minute it was still clear, but the next minute it was windy and rainy. White clouds and dark clouds appeared alternately. The uncertain weather has never stopped our progress. We walked through the streets and filled out questionnaires door to door. We were tired but we didn't give up. We persisted until we were touched enough.

On the way back after being chased by the rainstorm, you will not feel tired when you are exhausted to the extreme, just like "things will turn back when they are extreme". The work of the research group can be as hard as falling asleep, or as excited as possible. Rain or shine, we will go all the way.

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