On the way to growth

On the way to growth

On the way of life, I have experienced many things as dance with tap dance shoes. There are sweet and warm memories, but also unbearable pain... And only that experience makes me unforgettable and love cheap dance shoes.

That time, my classmates and I went hiking or cheap dance shoes. The mountain was very high and there were many difficult places to walk. We started the mountain climbing competition. Several students quickly climbed to the front at the beginning, leaving us far behind.

The scorching sun in July is like fire. The hot sun is baking the earth, and the ground under your feet is also steaming. In such a hot environment, several of my classmates and I were panting before we climbed halfway up the mountain. We looked up at them. We were so far away by them. At this time, those students also accelerated, and one of them cheered for me. However, I still walked step by step feebly. As soon as I wasn't careful, I fell heavily to the ground. It's bad luck. I broke my knee. An idea came into my mind; Give up. I looked at the front again and gave up. Isn't it just that they fell away? I just broke the paint cover. This difficulty can't make me give up. I'm not bad. I'll surpass them! I made up my mind .love cheap tap dance shoes

I stood up and ran after him with pain. Although the power of the sun did not decrease, although I was sweating, although the sweat flowed into the wound and hurt deeply... My pace never slowed down, but also gradually accelerated. In this way, I surpassed one, two or three classmates.

But after a while, I began to feel weak, and the damn wound hurt even more. " Take a break. It's too tired“ Lazy I pleaded bitterly in my mind. " No, hold on, hold on. There are four students ahead. We must surpass them“ The other one I said firmly.

I finally chose to insist. I can't give up. I clenched my teeth and silently recited in my heart again and again: "I'm not tired, I don't hurt, I'm not bad, I can surpass them and stick to the end!" When I got to the top of the mountain, I ignored everything. I ran like the top of the mountain. I passed them all. When I reached the top of the mountain, my tears burst out. I don't know whether it is the tears of happiness after success or the tears of pain.

In the blur of tears, I shouted: "I finally succeeded and defeated myself." The voice echoed in the valley.

From this, I learned that as long as you persevere in doing everything, whether it is setbacks or frustrations, you will succeed.

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