Once we

Sincere friendship will not be diluted by time and become the past; The promises of the past will not change because of the years.

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Once, we had a beautiful childhood memory; Once, we had a pure heart; Once, we had a sweet smile; Once, we had many beautiful things. Once, we were running on the track of the playground; Once, we worked hard on the seats in the classroom; Once, we struggled in the wind and rain of the four seasons; Once, we worked hard in every place

Once childhood, like straw, turned and slipped away in the direction of belonging to him, but the memory of childhood gradually appeared in my mind and cheap tap dance shoes . Those lovely smiles and sweet laughter all surfaced. Countless memories, like the water on a rapids River, hurried through my mind. It seems that they don't belong to me at all and can't be grasped.

Yes, it's the river of time. No one can keep it. I've already rushed from the lower stream to the middle stream. I want to find new smiles and laughter, and there are only some faint smiling faces left in the river of time, as if they would come out to help, encourage and inspire me when I need them!

The partners who once walked forward side by side are like a glass of wine of friendship. After drinking, they get drunk and disperse. But those memories of the past and the present are deeply left in my heart. Former partners will help me when I need them, comfort me when I'm sad, and make me laugh when I'm unhappy. Every time you cry, you will be accompanied by friends. But those are the past. They have passed with the passage of time. I can't catch them no matter how I catch them. Because I have left them and will never come back.

I still deeply remember that we met in a summer vacation. At that time, we would not deceive each other because of our personal interests; At that time, we would not fight each other because of our own desires; At that time, we would not quarrel over a small matter. At that time, we were so simple and beautiful

The night before we separated, you said to me: time will tick, tick flow, people will move, things will change, and hearts will change. Our friendship, no, not just us. There is no word of eternity in the world. You should understand change. That's all for our friendship. In the future, you are you and I am me. We'd better keep the well water away from the river.

At that time, I laughed. Time will go, people will move, things will change, why? Why does my heart stay where it is? In fact, he hinted at me a long time ago. However, I am not willing to give up this friendship, and I do not believe that he will not want this friendship.

Although I am puzzled, everything has changed. His smile doesn't belong to me anymore; His voice no longer belongs to me; Everything about him, including the friendship between us, no longer belongs to me. Since then, I know that the friendship between us is over. That was the first friend I made. I first came into contact with friendship. The reality was so cruel that it ruined my first friendship.

They say that when God closes your door, he will help you open another door. Later, when I was in school, I gradually had many close friends. Although I can't feel the happiness with them, at least I have friends. They will help me when I need it, comfort me when I'm sad, and make me laugh when I'm unhappy. Maybe they are my best friends and ccheap tap shoes!

Once the story, merged into a book, a book belonging to me, but the book has turned yellow, has become an old past, and is rarely turned up.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. Minute hand, there will be 23 laps after one lap; The hour hand, after one circle, will also have 23 circles; At the end of the day, there will be many more days. Our day is over, the next day will come, but we will never wait for yesterday. Everything in the past can never go back.

The setting sun is so beautiful, but with a trace of loneliness, I can't help but recall the past and ask my heart. Childhood, before, pure, happy, how are you?

People have changed; Heart, changed; Friendship has changed; But at least it never changed. Once, always hidden in our hearts, hidden in the depths of our hearts.

Once in that piece of white paper, I have drawn the past for me; I've come the way I used to. The next road depends on me.

Shout out loudly: Hello tomorrow! Wait for me!

Yes, hello tomorrow! The past, the past, let them pass! All we have to do is live today and welcome tomorrow.

In the future, we may have many difficulties, but as long as I think of those beautiful smiles and memories, my future is not a dream!

I remember that Gao Wen, a lover of carat, said to Mido: I may grow beautiful in heaven, but you live beautiful by yourself! In fact, I think it's much more wonderful to live a beautiful life than to grow beautiful! Therefore, be myself and make my life more wonderful!

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