Once you have loved, missed or refused, you will regret

If you love someone, you can pay for her everything, you can pay for her life and time. When you love someone, you don't have to follow her all the time. You don't have to be together to be in love.

Sometimes, watching is the most beautiful love. Sometimes, distance can produce a kind of beauty, a kind of yearning, and a kind of love. But sometimes, distance can produce hate and pain, which can kill a person's life. Sometimes, I love you. Three words can create love between two people, but sometimes it can make two people strangers. Sometimes, I hate you. Three words can destroy two people's happiness, but sometimes it can make two people as close as brothers. Love, hate, a word difference, and the results are so different

To love someone, you need to pay, time, patience, and more importantly, courage. One of the four is indispensable. I finally got four things, but found that I had missed her, so I could only watch him and her silently, crying in a corner, sad in a corner alone, watching alone. Only then did I know that it is a kind of regret and pain that I have loved but missed. Sometimes, trauma can be repaired. However, how to repair the damage to the soul?

A vase is broken, heartbroken, and I want to repair it, but it is impossible. I can no longer find my previous feeling. Only watching photos and missing stories slowly shed tears.

When the vase is broken, you understand something. When it is there, you do not cherish it or love it. When it is broken, you miss it, and then you know how to cherish and love it. But regret is useless now. When your heart is broken, you will understand everything: to love someone, you need to pay, to be rejected by someone, you need to pay more, you need to cry more, you need to pay courage, and you need to regret. Life is illusory, like a dream in a dream, you wake up again and again, and finally wake up, return to reality, but you find painfully that the dream is much better than the reality. There is no pain, sadness, or missing in the dream, but only happiness wishes for the person you love, The scene of playing with loved ones, however, is now clear and useless.

Wake up, the reality is how cruel, regret, the reality is how sad, heartbroken, the reality is how cold and heartless, understand, we can no longer love each other.

Love a person, need to pay a lot, reject a person, also need to pay a lot. Refusing a person requires courage, heart and failure. To reject a person, we need to see: a person's tears, a person's pain, a person's loss, a person's sorrow. To accept a person's rejection, you need to hurt your soul, shed tears, and need great courage, otherwise you will be defeated and become cold and heartless.

Hey! The breeze lifted the willow leaves and swept the ground when the poplars fell. The ground was like yellow carpet, and the stamens lamented the passing of their clothes.

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