One day's love between teachers and students warms people's hearts all the time

July 3, the fourth day of supporting Shiqiao. Even if I am often busy writing, revising, editing and issuing press releases and my experience is rarely seen in the classroom, I have a small and solid student "support group". It can be seen that the members of our "blooming summer" social practice team have a good time with our primary school students!

Long before we set out to teach, we knew that during our primary school, we would stop classes for two days to teach kindergartens, because the students we taught in these two days had to go through their last test of this semester - the final exam. At first, we didn't have any special feelings, but when we really contacted them, we were all worried about their examination conditions, worried about whether they were difficult to take the exam, whether they would do it, and whether they learned well

At seven o'clock this morning, when I finished washing and was on the way to the kitchen for breakfast, I saw twos and threes of children sheltering under the eaves. Ben was a little curious about why they gathered here before class time in the morning. I didn't realize until I met two little girls I knew well in front of the kitchen to answer for me: they were students in grade five and grade six in the town. They hid there just to wait for the car to pick them up for the school exam. I'm ashamed of my forgetfulness, but I sincerely hope they can get good grades.

Among the students I met, my favorite is the two girls among them. Although they are only classroom observers rather than the students in the original classroom, I learned from the dialogue with them that they are fifth grade students who have left this primary school to study in the town. They like the lessons we bring them very much, so whenever someone comes to this village school to support teaching in the countryside, they must come to listen to the lessons! I like their mentality very much. Personally, I think they also like me. One of them said that I looked like her math teacher's daughter more than once! They often come to me to chat with them when we arrive at the dinner point. I feel very happy, which makes me feel that I am one step closer to my students and know how to communicate with them better. Thank me for meeting them in Shiqiao primary school.

One day's love between teachers and students will warm people's hearts all the time. It is fate that makes us meet, it is emotion that connects us, cherish the time we spend with them, and keep them in mind bit by bit. Even though the years are running, the most unforgettable thing is still the original innocent smile.

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