One Dream of cherry lips

"Yes!" I was bitten by Mark's cherry lips, made a charming, low and shy voice, and then nodded affirmatively.

At this time, I found that I almost took the initiative to sit on the washing table. Wei Zizheng took his hand out between my legs and smelled it under my nose. It was full of my taste. This little action made me ashamed.

I was pulled back to the car by Mark. I felt a little dizzy again. I guess I really drank too much.

After arriving at his home, Mark helped me to the sofa. I looked at his home. Compared with the large area of my home, the layout was also very warm. "You can look around. I'll take a shower. By the way, will you come?"

He grabbed my hand and said, touching the back of my hand.

I shook my head and smiled, "you go first!"

Mark also smiled and didn't speak. A moment later, the sound of running water in the bathroom remembered. At this time, I was still covered with a layer of fire. I tried to calm down for a while, stood up and visited casually, so as to relieve my discomfort.

To tell the truth, Mark was very suggestive every time he grabbed my hand, which made me understand what was going to happen soon. It was a very strong sixth sense, but I chose to come with him. This may be cheating.

Moreover, Mark is still the parent of my students. He has an affair with his students' parents, which brings a lot of shame.

I saw Mark is too laggy to have two bedrooms, and then he pushed away one. But after pushing it, he found that there was a small desk in the house, and the bed was clean and covered with cartoon sheets.

I was stunned. I knew I had entered the wrong room and subconsciously wanted to go out, but my back leaned against Mark's arms. As soon as I turned around, Mark's hand happened to press on my chest, and I immediately trembled.

Mark did not loosen it, but pinched it again. He simply untied my clothes with his hands, held me and kissed me recklessly.

Dry firewood and fire started to burn. The emptiness in my body burst out instantly. His right hand began to caress the softness of my snow-white mass, and his breath was messy and hot.

This kind of boldness and initiative made my whole body happy. The man's wet body rubbed against my chest, which stimulated each other's instincts. He threw the towel on the ground and they stuck together like fire.

In fact, this action is still quite enjoyable. I completely closed my eyes, but I heard Mark say, "this is Mi's room. He only lives when he comes back occasionally. Mr. John, it's nice to do it once in your student's bed, isn't it?"

Suddenly, I thought of mi's naive eyes. It seemed that he saw me fall on his little bed and gently groan under his father

But after Mark's caress, the feeling of wanting became stronger and stronger, which made me clearly aware that there was gurgling water in my body

In this state, shame and desire made me even more sensitive. Mark began to grasp a pair of peaks with both hands and kiss them with his mouth.

His sucking, sometimes slightly painful, sometimes makes me comfortable and happy.

Mark no longer hesitated, showed his means on the wind and moon field, saw the right time, and pressed me on Mark's cartoon bed. His hand despised any obstacles, rubbed it below, and quickly tore off the silk stockings.

My cry became more and more crazy. My lower body began to flow out continuously. It was out of control and very wet.

Desire is displayed incisively and vividly at the moment. Wei Zizheng raises his steel gun and fiercely enters my body. At that moment, there is no reason, and all that is left is to vent.

He held my waist, kissed me on the top, but filled me hard on the bottom.

"Ah..." I made such a beautiful voice.

After doing it for a while, at the moment of love, suddenly the mobile phone ring rang. At this moment, the mobile phone ring rang abnormally in the breathing sound of men and women, even a little harsh.

Mark and I were stunned. No one wanted to destroy the beautiful atmosphere because of this thing.

So Mark didn't stop at all. He hugged me tightly and pushed me to the boundless peak.

But the phone ring was persistent and kept ringing.

The phone was on the back of my head, shining on the clothes stripped from me. I subconsciously turned my face and let Mark continue to capture my body, but I was frightened. It was my husband who called me.

My husband reminds me all the time that I'm cheating!

"I'll answer the phone first!" I begged Mark.

Mark looked contemptuously at the two words of her husband on the phone. At the same time, he was quiet, "answer it!"

With the cooperation of Mark, I made a gesture to him to stop talking. Just after I picked up the phone, my husband asked me anxiously, "wife, what are you doing? I haven't answered the phone for so long“

Mark lay naked on me and listened to me and my husband with a smile.

I made an excuse, "the mobile phone is under the pillow. I didn't hear the vibration!"

Hearing what I said, my husband was obviously relieved and said happily, "that's good, wife, I really miss you!"

When my husband said this, I was immediately very ashamed, but I didn't answer, suddenly Mark made a very aggressive sprint. For a moment, there was a feeling of fullness in my emptiness, and my top pleasure rushed into my mind.

I couldn't help it. I shouted comfortably with a voice hanging in my mouth, "ah..."

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