One table apart

Once high school life was boring, but when we find fun from it, it is our most precious moment. Such moments can not be measured by money.

That is the moment of friendship and tap dance shoes . Perhaps, some people think that love is the most precious, but what is love in high school? Is lonely, is boring, is drifting with the tide, at this time love is really a lost wish bottle, only represents your wish, that's all

I am lucky to have the company of friendship in my boring life. I remember a political book saying that "everything is contradictory". At that time, I didn't believe it, but now I do. Although I am accompanied by friendship, I always have twists and turns, and my mood is often unstable. The world is really strange. There are people who love you, people who love you, people who want to be friends with you, and people who want to be friends with others. What a contradiction. Love you, you do not cherish, you love people, do not cherish you. Not your friend, you don't care, but your friend, always makes you sad.

Once thought, to freeze up their own, from cold. But I can't do it. When I see my brother talking and laughing, I can't help coming forward to chat up. Seeing that my brother is in trouble, he always helps without hesitation. In fact, we are only separated by one table and cheap tap dancing shoes . A table makes me lonely, indifferent, lost and lost. Often, the brothers across the table silently pull me out of the abyss.

As a freshman in high school, I really like high school. I like all the plants and trees here. I always have a smile on my mouth, even though I smile very ugly. Until the end of military training, I met my first friend in high school and cheap tap shoes , zhangzhaohai. Gradually, I got to know more friends, but I never took him as a friend alone. I don't think there are many friends, but there are many. Time passed quickly. We were fine until one day, we drank together. It was in the class. We guessed boxing and drank when we lost. Later, I saw that he couldn't drink very much, so I deliberately lost to him. I drank half a bottle of Baijiu in one minute, and finally got drunk. I thought he would send me back to the dormitory, but I was disappointed. He saw that I drank too much, so he gave me the rest of the bottle. Because I drank too much, I didn't feel bitter at all, but wanted to be as transparent as water. In this way, I fell asleep. I don't know anything about the next thing. When I woke up the next day, my classmate told me what happened yesterday. The more I listened to it, the more annoyed I became. Finally, I couldn't help it. I couldn't believe that my most trusted Brotherhood was like this. Thinking that he sprained his ankle before, I held him upstairs. He drank. I helped him back to the dormitory. He said, I will never forget you in my life. I said, it's all brothers. Why do you say that. "Ah" I hit my fist on the table. At that moment, I forgot the pain and everything. My brain was blank. I rushed out the door, found him, and said a word to him. After that, I will no longer be your brother. He left.

My first brother lost in this way. It is better to gain than to lose, because I think my arrival is the best friendship. This friendship has continued to this day, broken and scarred.

I remember, as a sophomore in high school, I was separated from my brothers by a table, but I gradually forgot them because of my peers. I don't know why, I unknowingly called my colleague brother and brother. Until later, he took us to the war, and the teacher found out. I was driven back, and my long hidden achievements were also known by my parents.

After returning to school, my brother came to me and said to me, no matter what you thought at that time, but now, you must make a decision, whether to be brother with him or brother with us. It was difficult for me to choose. Finally, on the fifth day, I found my brother and said, you are my best brother. I can't leave you unless you leave me. In this way, I returned to the team of my brothers, and I just kept a classmate relationship with him.

Sometimes I think, what is a brother? My former brother, my colleague, takes me to war. When I really need someone to help me, I can't find it. Now, my brothers talk and laugh, never fight, have no money, and eat together. This is what I want. I feel very satisfied.

A table has separated us for a long time and made me lost. However, it has separated our most precious friendship and tap shoes.

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