Today, it rained heavily, and there were three days left before the end of going to the countryside. The urgency of returning home and the reluctance to part with each other became more and more intense. I haven't been home for half a year, but how can I give up the ten day teacher-student relationship? I'm afraid that when I wake up one day, I won't find those naughty children who will show their teeth and laugh when I see me. I'm afraid that I want to hold them high and carry them on my back, but I can't find their trace.

The art show is about to begin. I'll take this opportunity to design clothes when classes are closed today. I want to make a beautiful wreath for my children. I plan to make a ring with newspapers, put a layer of green paper on it, and then find something similar to vines around it. But I can't find it in the school. I found that there are roots on some trees in the school. This is the substitute of vines I need, and the rest is flowers.

The school has no flowers, and even if there is one, it will wither, so I have to fold roses by myself. Fortunately, my course is paper cutting. In order to prepare for classes, I have a deep foundation. Not to mention that roses are difficult, but there are many people who can fold them. As long as someone teaches them, learning is a matter of a moment, and the rest is time. For a novice like me, it takes 15 minutes to fold a rose. My idea is to fold a small rose and put it in a wreath. To cover a wreath, it requires a large number of roses, not to mention that a small rose will increase the difficulty of origami. I am a little afraid of this, but it is rare to have an idea. It is necessary to try, so I will try to compress my time to complete my little impulse.

To do a good job, you need to have ideas in advance, and then action. Ideas give me direction, and action proves ideas. Before I came here, I didn't origami. I never thought it would be so difficult to fold so much, or everything can be concluded only after I tried, and I can have ideas only after I tried.

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