Outside the window

Outside the window

"Ha ha ha..." another burst of laughter came from outside the window. I looked out of the window. Several children were playing happily downstairs. Looking at their happy faces, I had many thoughts. No one knows how much I yearn for my window.

When I was a child, I was forced by my mother to learn electronic organ and dance. It was a miserable time. Because I have to take a lunch break at noon, I have to put aside one hour of piano practice and dancing time every day until evening. Every night, I finish my homework in a hurry and start to practice and dance. When the sound of Lang Lang's piano comes out of the window, the sound of fighting and laughing from the children downstairs also comes out of the window. Every time I dance in cheap dance shoes, the children are playing games!

Ding Dong, the doorbell rang. Mother went to open the door, my little friend came to me: "Auntie, can emi play with us?" As soon as I heard it, I stood up from the piano stool happily: "OK..." before I finished, my mother replied loudly: "no, she has to practice! Dance after practicing My helpless and weak voice was interrupted and drowned by my mother. The little friend looked up at my mother disappointed: "OK, thank you, auntie."“ It's OK. " My little friend turned and left. The moment the door closed, my heart hurt like a stab. How many times is this? Why can't I play with children and keep practicing the boring piano? Thinking of this, I looked up out of the window. Eh, so many little friends have come out to play? They brought skipping rope, top, ball from home... Looking at so many fun toys, how I want to have a try! Looking at so many happy faces, how I want to join them!

I carefully asked: "Mom, can I rest for a while, go down to play for a while and then come up?" The mother also does not lift the head is busy in the hand matter: "cannot."“ Just for a while, "I was a little aggrieved," my hands are grinding up a lot, and I'm tired of dancing in cheap dance shoes, mom... "Mom's words are more severe, with the dignity that makes me unable to do it:" go to practice, do you hear me? After practice, put on the ballroom dance shoes and dance a few dances

I reluctantly returned to the piano stool and sat down. My little hand struggled to shuttle between the "remote" octaves, and the sound of the piano "tragically" rang out. Why? Why? My heart is aching. For a child in junior grade, it's so painful to sit for an hour and not let him go out to play every night“ "PATA", something fell on the keys, bright and crystal, is tears, a "oppressed" child's tears.

I dried my tears and decided to protest. I don't know where the courage came from. I found my mother and said to her seriously, "Mom, I don't want to learn piano and dance any more. I don't want to be so tired with these cheap tap shoes!" Mother Leng for a while, and then immediately frown: "what do you want?" I looked into her eyes: "I really don't want to learn! At the beginning, you forced me to learn. From the first grade, I really can't stand it now. Mom, I don't want to be forced to accept what I don't like, and I want to play like my friends! " She was surprised that I would say these words, we were all silent

Later, she took the initiative to find me: "child, I'm sorry. Mom thought about it seriously. I didn't think about your feelings. I apologize to you. I thought it was for your own good, but it hurt you. I was too subjective and harsh. " I burst into her arms with tears: "thank you, mom, for understanding me! What I want to tell you is that I love you forever

In the end, I became the "people out of the window" that I always yearned for. In the laughter, my voice appeared. Play in, also appeared my shadow. Inside the window, my dearest mother is smiling at me! But I was often pulled by my mother to learn dance. My family bought a lot of cheap dance shoes, including cheap tap shoes, cheap jazz shoes and cheap ballet shoes, which became a scenic spot at home!

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