palpitations in those years

No matter how Fengzhi's marriage ends today, I still believe in love, their palpitations in those years, and the origin and destruction of everything is because of love.

No matter what Zhou Xun said to Daqi and what Yao Chen said to Ling Xiaosu, I still believe in love and their true feelings at that moment.

No matter the friends around me are separated, I still believe in love, just as I have witnessed their youth and their love in those years.

No matter how peaceful the marriage life is, maybe my husband and I are no longer romantic now, but more family and responsibility. I clearly remember that it was love that led me into the besieged city, just love. It has not changed with time, it is still stored in the softest corner of my heart.

Regardless of the world's material desires, leftover men and leftover women shout that they can't find the truth, and love still stands at a corner, waiting quietly. Waiting for that moment forever, you can't hide when you bump into you, no matter you are a material woman or a phoenix man.

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