Parting is for a better reunion

"Time is a journey that never returns. Good and bad are scenery." In the midst of lingering, our three trips to the countryside ushered in the last day of our return journey. On this day, it did not rain, but it rained in everyone's heart.

Last night, we held the last class meeting with our classmates. At this class meeting, there were laughter, tears, laughter and silence. There is no doubt that more of them are reluctant to give up, our teachers are reluctant to give up to our students, and the students are reluctant to give up to our teachers. How time flies! At the beginning, I thought that ten days would be a long time. Later, I hoped that time would go slower and slower, and ten days would pass quietly in my fingers.

Last night's surprise was the farewell party prepared by the students for us. The carefully arranged scene, on the blackboard, the names of the teachers and the words of thanks to our teachers were written. I found a lot of my own names on the blackboard. I'm so happy to see one that says "great Xia Jie". Haha, I'll change my name to great Xia in the future. I'm really happy to get together with my classmates in these ten days. I'm also a teacher and a friend. I also received a note from my classmates. I was really moved.

Three trips to the countryside have brought me full of feelings. In these short ten days, I learned to get along with my classmates and learn a little bit of table tennis. Although I am not proficient, it is enough. I really want to say to the students who play table tennis together: the future is long, and I will make another appointment when I have time!

Parting is for a better reunion. I hope that the next time we meet, I will be a better me and my classmates will be better themselves!

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