People, there is no natural good luck

Last weekend, I went to the wedding of my roommate a in the university dormitory. The wedding scene was very luxurious and grand. Relatives and friends occupied the whole floor. The scene was very lively and spectacular, and the whole air was filled with happiness. Everyone was immersed in a joyful atmosphere while waiting for the newcomer to appear with full expectation.

At this time, the two young girls sitting next to me have been whispering, constantly discussing the wedding. "Our boss is young and promising, a talent, and it will be super happy to marry him." "I heard that the bride is a doctor, average in length, and a little old. I didn't expect to meet such a good object in the end, and my luck is too good." "it's like Cinderella marrying prince charming. If I had half of her luck, I would also meet my other half."

Hearing their conversation, I smiled silently and shook my head. All people who don't know little a think that little a Gao Pan married a boss of a chain catering enterprise. Fortunately, this man was very kind to little a, almost obedient, and pursued hard for 2 years before they got together. In fact, people who know little a well know that she really deserves such an excellent man.

She is the four girls in our dormitory who have the highest secondary school experience and the latest marriage. After graduation, she worked as a teacher in a university. When she was in college, she was ugly. She went to study in big cities from a small village. She was shy. She was a thin and quiet girl. But she always knew that only by working hard can she change her fate and make a good life for her family.

In college, she took notes most seriously and read a lot of books. The library was like her home. She won national scholarships every year and won awards for various scientific research activities. In addition to studying, she earned living expenses part-time and almost never asked for money from her family. After graduation, Baoyan went to graduate school. Slowly, with more books, his appearance seemed to have changed, and he was more confident. At that time, there were boys chasing her, and she almost refused. She said that she didn't want to talk about feelings when she couldn't fully feed herself. Later, because of her good English and solid scientific research, she was sponsored by the school to communicate abroad for a year, and then continued to study for a doctoral degree after coming back.

She and her husband met in an enterprise promotion activity. At that time, recommended by her tutor, she participated in the publicity planning of this catering brand in the country. Because of her outstanding work ability, the promotion also achieved good results, which made the boss (her husband) look at her. After the activity, her husband asked for her contact information and slowly pursued her.

Everyone only saw that she had a smooth and bright life on the surface, but many people didn't know that in fact, his father had a stroke at home and almost lost his ability to work. His mother only depended on farming and buying vegetables for her to go to college. She also had a brother to study, and the family was very poor. But she never complained about her own experience, but tried her best to change the situation.

It's really touching to see her walking towards her happiness under the spotlight and the witness of her parents at the wedding. In fact, there is really no sudden luck to change the trajectory of life, so that you can reach the peak from now on. There are only constant hardships and frustrations in life, which make people breathless. But successful people never show their pain. They have developed a skill in the rough, facing hardships and going through trials and tribulations.

We often envy the people around us, others' easy work, happy marriage, clever children and so on. We sometimes attribute these to a kind of luck. If it weren't for who she met at the beginning, if it weren't for her choosing him at that time, if it weren't... Yes, if it weren't for so many choices, we wouldn't be who we are now. We are all ordinary people. What we get is what we have paid. What kind of seeds we plant will produce what kind of flowers. We will not have the luck to get something for nothing. Even if we have good luck, it is given to the people who are ready.

As Bing Xin wrote in a poem, "the flowers of success, people only envy her current brilliance. However, at the beginning, her buds were soaked in tears of struggle and sprinkled with blood of sacrifice." May we all become flowers that stand proudly after the wind and rain.

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