Perfect midsummer, let's go

The big event is about to happen - the "man Tian Xing" social practice team of class 3 of Huahua will go to our three rural practice base - Gaozhou lotus No. 1 middle school. As the leader of the logistics group, it is one of the tasks of our logistics group to contact and pick up our vehicles to the base in advance. During the preparatory work for the "three trips to the countryside", with the help of our senior brothers and sisters, we got in touch with the team. Before the departure, we had discussed the departure time and place with the driver - at 11:00 a.m. on July 4, downstairs of zhidaoyuan. After the arrangement of the team leader, the deputy team leader and other responsible persons and the active cooperation of the students, we gathered downstairs in zhidaoyuan according to the agreed time. The driver also arrived on time. After taking the group photo, we set out on the journey of "three trips to the countryside"! Start our perfect summer! On the way to the base, we were excited and a little impatient to reach the destination to start our ten day trip to the countryside! After a three hour drive, we arrived at the base. "Simple and earthy" is the first word that comes to mind after I arrive at the destination. In the preliminary work, the team leader, the deputy team leader and other leaders communicated with the leaders of the school and arranged our accommodation. After some rectification, we cleaned up our own sleeping quarters for our three trips to the countryside. The school also gave great help to our team's cooking, led us to understand the canteen, agreed on the place to eat, and prepared the place for us to order food materials. It has provided a lot of convenience for our food. As we arrived at the base at 2:30 p.m., we couldn't buy food for dinner. With the help of the school logistics director, we contacted local merchants and prepared oil, salt and rice for us. Considering the tiredness of the bus and the limited food materials, we decided to drink porridge with pickled mustard to solve the problem of dinner for the first meal. After discussion, we decided on the amount of porridge. Although the cooking was not perfect, it was gratifying that the first meal of 49 members of "man Tian Xing" could be solved. Today is an exciting day - the "three rural trips" activity belonging to the third class of our school has kicked off! The "man Tian Xing" social practice team has set out, and a summer that belongs to us has begun!

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