Perhaps the years are carving our lives

Recently, I saw a story in a magazine: The boys and girls who were separated during their school days have been separated from each other since then. The girl dreamed of getting the news from the boy, but the boy left only a black pen. The black pen is the girl's only consolation. In the long years, she cherished that she could not bear to open the pen cap. Unfortunately, the pen is engraved with the boy's expression of love and the phone number of the new home. When time goes by, men and women who have their own families can only sigh at the creation

At present, the role of pens in life is declining. We no longer have sophisticated pen holders, nor do we deliberately buy pens to write. A ballpoint pen or a neutral pen, or paperless office in the computer, replaced those years of ink immersion. However, we can't forget the memory engraved on the pen. When there is a taste of love in the memory, it becomes more and more crystal clear. At that time, there was a dexterous craftsman specializing in lettering, and we would pester him to carve the name we wanted during the break. More often, we will engrave words on the pen by ourselves, and perhaps add a heart shape that is also askew. Perhaps, love flows and flourishes in our writing, and a kind of joy spreads endlessly. The love in the school days is often difficult to be perfect. When the love is gone, only the pen and the name on the pen are left, suffering the lonely time.

Perhaps the years are carving our lives, while we are carving our own love. In the past, tattoos, which were only seen in TV dramas, began to be popular in all corners of the city. Of course, young people will not have green dragons and flying tigers, but more tolerance, rose petals or some names if they do not join clubs or gangs. There is a more profound romance in cruelty than in the tattoo of love carved into your own body with the name of the lover on the pen. The TV drama has moved thousands of viewers, but tattoos have grasped the hearts of lovers, as if love would be like tattoos in the body, and would not disappear in the years. However, the body is different from the pen after all, and can not be abandoned at will. When love is gone, we have to go to great lengths to find a way to eliminate tattoos.

With regard to love in sculpture, it is easy to remind people of the allusion of seeking a sword in the face of adversity. Maybe people who fall in love are also stupid. When the boat of love is fading away, the names or memories once carved are stranded. In the vast sea of people and years, we really can't find the peace and beauty of the past.

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