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On July 9, the full sky star social practice team organized the students to hold an interesting school sports meeting, mainly to cultivate the students' faith in unity and let them have a sense of unity and cooperation in the process of activities. And the event was a complete success!

In this activity, I was mainly responsible for the project of hand drawing with another team member; Our cooperation is also very good. I am responsible for setting questions for students, and she is responsible for giving students pass cards.

At the beginning of the activity, the students all rushed to the pass with great interest, expecting to pass the pass at the fastest speed, win the championship and win rich prizes. In the process of customs clearance, the most interesting thing is a group from the first grade of junior high school. They are a small partner who is responsible for drawing. Each time, they will read out a word on the guessed content, resulting in more questions they need to guess before they can pass the customs clearance. Finally, thanks to their efforts, unity and cooperation, the customs clearance was quickly completed. The students in grade two are also very smart. One topic has "timely help". They will use the small experiment of "carbon dioxide into clear lime water" in the chemistry class they have taught to tell their guessers the words in the topic, which greatly improves their speed of breaking through. There are also many teams who understand the key of unity and cooperation in this game of hand to hand, which enables them to quickly break through the hurdles and succeed.

Through this interesting sports meeting, the students' ability of unity and cooperation was greatly improved and they understood the importance of unity and cooperation. And we are also satisfied with their laughter!

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