Please give me another chance

Please give me another chance

Now that you don't step on me, I know what it's like to lose real love: I can't sleep at night, my food is tasteless, and my work has been depressed.

I've been thinking: I really want to love you all my life, but you don't care about me now. I think I must have something that makes you sad... What's that I thought it over and over again, and then looked at the wechat records again and again. I felt that I had made a mistake and sent you an error message - "I used to like it very much, but now I feel a little weak", which makes you feel that I don't really love you now.

I've been thinking about why my brain went wrong and sent you a wrong message. It took only a few seconds. I really can't find the reason. Maybe everyone makes mistakes

I thought it over and over again - and decided that we had misunderstood. Because the information I sent you at that time was really honest! When I saw you for the first time, I really came back to feel that life was full of sunshine, people had endless energy, and I couldn't sleep all night. Later, I saw more people, and this feeling was not strong, so I thought my feelings for you were weak. Now think again, this is not that the feelings are weak, but that a man has been normal since he can't sleep. This is not to say that my feelings for you are weak, but rational. It's just that my words are wrong, which causes misunderstanding to you. Because the fact is that our feelings are deepening, as evidenced by our recent happy meetings.

So, I really expressed it wrong, so please give me another chance - let's love each other again!

Love you forever: Lover

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