Production process of tap dance shoes factory

Production process of tap dance shoes factory


1、 Heel sheet of tap shoes factory

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If the customer has special requirements for the tap shoes, there must be clear instructions, such as the tap dance shoes fabric has special requirements or involves the tap shoes fabric testing and tap dance shoes finished product testing, the merchandiser must pay special attention to, and the tap shoes accessories are more peculiar (such as need to mold), printing, embroidery, washing water price, etc. All of these must be written down in detail and accurately in the price evaluation data for future reference. Even if the treadle board list is finished here. If the customer has a large order of tap shoes, they need to prepare a new sample of tap dance shoes for the customer to confirm, follow up the customer's order, sign the order contract, arrange to order large materials, etc! Follow up all kinds of samples of tap dance shoes, order fabric and accessories of tap shoes by row, coordinate production and deliver.

2、 Implementation of order for tap dance shoes

After formally signing the order contract with the customer and confirming that the customer has executed the contract, the factory should issue the production notice of the tap shoes. The production notice must be as complete, complete and correct as possible, and implement after the instruction is issued. The relevant departments have received the correct instruction within a reasonable time and have started to implement it. Ask for the production plan from the production department of the tap shoes, supervise the implementation of the production instructions of the tap shoes in each link, and ensure the smooth operation. If the information of customer's tap shoes is not available, timely communicate and mediate with relevant departments and customers to make the most reasonable production plan.

Step 1: select tools and raw materials: scissors, grinder, leather, sole, heel, insole, cleaning agent, adhesive, reamer;

Step 2: making the upper: draw the leather material with the pattern sample board prepared in advance, cut it with scissors to make the upper, and polish the upper with a grinder to make it smooth;

Step 3: Brush glue, nail, glue: use the prepared adhesive to glue on one side of the vamp, then glue with the sole and nail;

Step 4: drying and upper pulling: drying the shoes in step 3 between 30 ℃ and 50 ℃, and then upper pulling;

Step 5: cleaning and heat setting: clean the dirt pasted with adhesive on the dried shoe surface with cleaning agent, and then carry out setting treatment at high temperature after cleaning;

Step 6: pull out the nail and wax: pull out the nail in the shoe after heat setting, and then wax the vamp surface;

Step 7: Brush glue, heat and cold setting: Brush glue on the shoes after waxing, dry the front and back sides of the shoes after brushing glue, and then cool the shoes after drying;

Step 8: install the heel and insole: fill the prepared heel with expansion agent, then glue it with the sole, and then insert the insole into the vamp;

Step 9: gluing, inspection and warehousing: gluing the leather shoes in step 8, and then checking whether they are qualified, the qualified ones are put into the warehouse, and the unqualified ones are treated in a centralized way.

3、 Order tracking

During the execution of the order, fill in the production progress follow-up table on time, report the production progress to the customers in time, summarize the information of the dance shoes in time, sort out the orders of the dance shoes, avoid the omissions, communicate with the customers and the production department in time, and deal with the accidents in time, such as reporting and negotiating with the customers Coordinate with relevant departments to take remedial measures.

4、 Shipment

The merchandiser of the tap dance shoes shall provide the shipping department with the commodity inspection data 6-7 days in advance, negotiate with the customer about the final warehousing date of the tap shoes, follow up the packing list, warehousing paper, tap shoes export certificate and other shipping data, and arrange the shipment in time, We should pay attention to the different requirements of shipping mark, bar code and packaging bag, and send them to the tap shoes packaging department in written form, including the delivery time, quantity and delivery time of the tap shoes, and inform the relevant departments in time (arrange the delivery according to the delivery notice time, and negotiate with the customers in time if the delivery of the tap shoes cannot be guaranteed)

5、 Invoice issuing and payment recovery

The tap dance shoes merchandiser is responsible for issuing the invoice after delivery, and the tap dance shoes merchandiser is responsible for providing the shipping packing list and order contract to the finance department for issuing the invoice. Heel and tap shoe clerk is responsible for supervising and urging customers to handle in time to speed up the capital turnover of the tap shoes factory.

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