rainstorm enlightenment

The wind and rain on the platform came , and the thunder burst broke the outdoor tranquility. The rain came with the wind in the invisible distance, gradually dispelling the summer heat. Only those with a cool heart and cheap dance shoes  can see the world. When I opened the window, I saw that the world was vast and covered up many unknown joys and sorrows under the heavy rain. Rain is a natural thing with great personality. Casual, free and easy, continuous character, moistening things, silent tenderness, and cold roaring. The drizzling rain is the tenderest kiss of time, and the pouring rain is the biggest baptism of time. Rain has different views in different mood and seasons, either warm or passionate, continuous spring rain and fierce winter rain.

I remember it rained like this a few days ago. The moonlight and cheap tap dance shoes was intercepted by the rain outside the sky. A friend drove to see him off. I held an umbrella on the street and waved goodbye to him independently. He smiled in the car and warned carefully that the rain was involved from the window, fell on the tip of his hair and into my eyes and cheap tap shoes. I know that my heart has been wet for a whole season. The warm rain that night has since made a home in my heart.

A friend said that he was tired of staying in front of him, but he couldn't reach the poetic distance. In fact, in this bustling world, how many men and women, from the joy of love to the trifles of marriage, have become a mess over time. Only by trying to adjust our mentality can we calm our emotions and cheap tap dance shoes  and live up to our youth and ourselves for the rest of our lives. Rainy days are not suitable for reading or writing. Just wrap yourself tightly, let the emotion greedy for the last cup in the lost memory, and then sleep alone in one's wilderness.

The rich bamboo and tap dance shoes on the computer desk has not been watered for a long time, and has not been as luxuriant as may. I remember that when I first met, I added water and took care of it carefully in the morning and evening. Now I have lost my heart one by one. I blame the time for being too hasty and the work for being too busy? I don't blame it. I only blame myself for losing my original heart. An unread message suddenly came from wechat. I saw my brother write on it: I'm most afraid to ask my original intention. My dreams become empty. I'm young and inspirational. I hesitate for hundreds of miles. In the twinkling of an eye, all the high halls have white hair. When my children are staggering in school, the broken silver is very old, my heart is still young, wrinkles are quietly on my eyebrows, floating and drunk back to my dream. Young people still sigh that time is too bad. I meditate and reply to the encouragement: it's good to live a life without food and drink, but in this era of laughing at poverty and not prostitution, either you have the consciousness of lying flat and not afraid of secular vision, don't get married and have children, regard money as dirt, and live your small life simply and happily. Or you will try your best to make money and make a good career. No matter how hard the road ahead is, as long as you go in the right direction, no matter how rugged, you are closer to happiness than standing in place. My brother's double ninth year is a period of confusion. He feels that what he does is wrong. He doesn't know what to do and how to do it. He falls into self denial.

Time always fails and refuses to admit defeat. However, time can't control our happiness, so efforts are not just a once. Life has a long way to go. Only when you walk can you understand it at the same time. You can walk well every day you live, give yourself a comfortable mood, give others a smile of sunshine, and also give respect to life. Life is a process of constantly sleeping and waking up. We always have to taste the ups and downs, experience the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and then our heart can be regarded as complete. Life seems simple, but it carries too many feelings. Life seems easy, but it makes you involuntarily. Who doesn't have a story in mind, but has learned to control.

Many people can't surpass themselves all their life, not because they are not smart, but because they care too much about other people's eyes. Live too rigidly. Some ideas and opinions different from ordinary people never dare to express. They hide and tuck them carefully for fear of being laughed at by the public, being out of group, and being regarded as different, so they live this life in a regular way. They came with their bare hands and went away without a cloud. They had come, as if they had never been in the future.

On rainy days, time seems to slow down. Stay in a quiet house, a window rain curtain separates the prosperous world, a person's space, clear and quiet. Find the tea set that has not been used for a long time, wash it with clean water, soak a pot of tea, sit near the window, listen to the rain on the trees and tiles, and the rhythm is crisp and audible. In particular, clang clang on the roof tiles, the ancient music is the most primitive rhythm. Listen to the rain beating the window lattice, listen to the rain refreshing the dust covered by time in your heart again and again. The fragrance of black tea, accompanied by the rain, seeps into the heart. If you don't mind, your thoughts will be peaceful, just like this light Xinning day.

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