Red wine soldier Commander

In the early morning, uncle Jun went down to the river to carry water and tap dance shoes . He didn't pick it for his family, but for the teahouse. The teahouse was his unit, and carrying water was his job. The river was about a mile away from the teahouse, and the water had to climb dozens of steps from the river to the shore and cheap tap dance shoes Throughout the year, we have to pick every day, rain, snow and ice. We must ensure that the teahouse is not short of water every day. Since the establishment of the tea house and uncle Jun joined, I haven't heard of lack of water..

It is said that uncle Jun is good, which is a kind of bad: greedy for a cup and cheap tap shoes , but although good wine, it never affects his work. Work has no impact, but it affects the family. His wife saw that he was suffering from the bad habit of drinking and couldn't persuade him well, so she left. Uncle Jun gets drunk every time, but he hasn't been crazy once. The teahouse also sells wine. Uncle Jun never scoops wine without permission or drinks on credit. He likes to ask the Secretary of the town Party Committee for cigarettes and tap shoes and the Secretary of the district Party Committee for wine and cheap dance shoes . One day, uncle Jun met Secretary mo of the Town Committee in the street. He stopped and said, "Secretary Mo, give me one?" Secretary Mo smiled and took out a pack of cigarettes and handed it to him. Uncle Jun took out one and returned the rest to Secretary mo. he looked at the cigarette and said with a smile, "round ball!" once, uncle Jun passed the door of the district government. He met Secretary Zhou of the district Party committee and said, "have two drinks?" Secretary Zhou smiled and said, "not today. Another day." he took uncle Jun in the opposite store to buy a bottle of wine for uncle Jun, "drink it yourself, and I won't accompany you." Uncle Jun waved his hand and said, "one or two is enough." at his insistence, the salesperson found a clean small bottle and filled two Liang. Director Wang of the unit advised him: "you are a good-looking talent. If you don't drink like that, how many girls should want to talk to you." indeed, uncle Jun has good talents, such as Fei Xiang. The cops are more handsome than Fei Xiang. Uncle Jun raised his glass, looked at director Wang, shook his head, waved his hand and said, "no! No matter how good a girl! I only like it in my life!" Uncle Jun raised his glass and drank it in one gulp. "It likes me too!"

The Cultural Revolution began, and many combat teams  and cheap tap dance shoes were established in rural towns. Uncle Jun is neither a worker nor a farmer. The red worker's general manager and the red farmer don't have his share, and the red guards won't want him. He saw that those who cut firewood were called red firewood soldiers, so he set up a red wine Soldier Combat Team. There are a lot of drinkers in the town, either in the red general manager or in the red general manager. The rest are old and can't stand steadily. Can you expect them to participate in the battle? So uncle Jun became the commander of the light pole. Several times in a row, he filled the jar with water, made it clear to Director Wang, and went to participate in the activities of the rebels. But later, he didn't participate and asked him why. He didn't say, but just shook his head. From then on, uncle Jun changed from a bare commander to a short commander.

One morning, it was hot, the rebels caught the main leaders of several districts and towns, put on high hats, and walked around the stone street of the ancient town, shouting "down with the power faction taking the capitalist road!" "long live the dictatorship of the proletariat!" when they swam to the door of the teahouse, the rebels shouted dry and stopped to pour into the teahouse to drink water. Uncle Jun saw that the people in high hats were sweating, carrying a kettle and a bowl, and wanted to give them water. The rebels stopped uncle Jun and asked him angrily, "do you want to accompany them on the street?" Uncle Jun tilted his head and said, "are you hot? Is he hot?" "can he compare with us?" Uncle Jun tilted his head, smiled and said, "Oh! How can I forget that one is wearing a high hat and the other is not wearing a high hat!" he patted the rebels on the shoulder, tilted his head and said, "it must be different!" The rebel said happily, "you finally realize!"

In the afternoon, uncle Jun listened to the tea guests chatting in the teahouse. He overheard a rebel from the general manager of red farmers saying that he was criticizing the armed Minister of the district in the Guangming brigade in the evening. At first, he didn't take it seriously, but later, he fidgeted. Uncle Jun stood up, walked in and out, leaned against the door, grabbed his hair, and sat back to the villain, hoping to get more news. However, he changed the topic and talked about something else. Uncle Jun was so disappointed, very unhappy and full of loss. Someone teased him: "what's the matter? Missing his wife?" he didn't seem to hear it and came home with a lot of worries.

The old mother was preparing dinner in the kitchen and ccheap tap shoes. Her son seldom came back from the factory. Uncle Jun's father was the head of the Northern Expedition army. I don't know whether he died in war or died. In short, uncle Jun lost his father when he was very young. Although uncle Jun has never seen his father, he is proud of having such a father. The old mother often held his hand in tears, looked at him and said, "you look like your father 1." Uncle Jun wiped the mirror with his sleeve and looked at himself carefully. He often looked at the mirror and imagined his father. If his father was still there, would he catch the bad habit of drinking; If his father were still there, he would not carry water in the teahouse. Maybe he became a military officer or taught in the University. In short, he would not carry water in the teahouse. But today is not as long as I imagined in the past. I can't think about it. I always feel that there is something in my heart that I can't let go. When eating and drinking, uncle Jun picked up his glass and took two sips. His usual favorite wine seems to have changed its taste today. Suddenly, he patted his head, put down his glass, ate a bowl of rice three times and two times, and ran out of the door.

At the gate of the district office, uncle Jun saw the rebels escorting the district armed minister out. He looked at the distant figures and was very annoyed. He put his head against the wall of the district office and beat his chest with his fist. He had no time to wipe the white wall ash off his forehead and run to the light. At the scene of the criticism meeting, uncle Jun crowded among the masses. When people shouted slogans, he glanced at the people around him and silently raised his fist with them. He didn't understand that these leaders were good in both town and district. How could they offend so many people at once and just cut the tail of capitalism? How could he suddenly become the power faction taking the capitalist road. At the end of the criticism meeting, uncle Jun followed the Minister of armed forces far behind, watched him enter the district office, and then went home at ease.

Uncle Jun doesn't understand this, but he does elsewhere. In the teahouse, he likes collecting cigarette boxes. At home, a group of children were playing the game of pulling the triangle. The triangle was made of cigarette boxes. Children of that era loved to play it. Uncle Jun stood behind them with his back to his head and watched them play. The children chattered like sparrows jumping on the ground. "Yours didn't turn over." "mine turned over, you broke in." the two children fought. You pushed me and pushed me, and it was going to be evil. Uncle Jun hurriedly separated them, took out a large stack of triangle plates of cigarette boxes from his pocket, hung himself in front of the children, smiled and asked, "which one?" the children were very happy to see so many triangle plates, and stretched out their hands and said, "I want it!" and "give it to me". Uncle Jun hurriedly straightened up, held up the triangle and asked a child, "what's your last name?" "my last name is Zhang." "here's a you." Uncle Jun dodged the crowd and competition of the children and asked another child, "what's your last name?" "my last name is Yu." "your last name is Yu? Nothing." "how about you?" "my last name is Zhang." "here you are." the other children scrambled to shout: "My surname is Zhang." "my surname is Zhang." Uncle Jun gave a triangle when he heard that his surname was Zhang. The child surnamed Yu quickly changed his surname to Zhang. A child pointed to him and said, "your surname is Yu, not Zhang." the child was so anxious that he shouted, "my surname is Zhang! I'm Zhang!" "you're not Zhang! You're not Zhang!" Uncle Jun tilted his head and smiled and said to the lying child: "He wants his surname Zhang, OK! There is another one named Zhang." after that, the child surnamed Yu also gets the triangle. Uncle Jun finished dividing the triangle, walked proudly for a few steps, turned around, tilted his head and said to the children, "as long as your surname is Zhang, I'll give the triangle every day."

That night, uncle Jun was happy and drank too much wine. He squinted in his chair for a while, opened his eyes, and the old mother disappeared. Uncle Jun got up and shouted, "Mom! Mom!" Without a response, he went into the inner room and looked. No, he saw the 15 watt light bulb on the beam. It was yellow. He didn't make it clear that it was because he was drunk and walked shakily, so he saw the light shaking. In a panic, he fell and ran out of the door, shouting "Mom! Mom!" In an alley leading to the public toilet, he met his old mother. Uncle Jun followed his mother home and sang with the song "cabbage" as he walked: "My mother, don't scare me. It's so pathetic without my father. My hair is white and your back is hunched. Look at the bowl and don't look at the pot. It's so dry and much thinner. With my mother, I'm not hungry. My mother, don't scare me!"

Along the way, the rustling voice trembled in the night sky for a long time!

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