Reflections on the reading of insects

Reflections on the reading of insects

Enter here, put down all the luggage, take a simple and pure heart, see the growth of all things, the vicissitudes of life.

Insects is not so much a linguistic treasure in the scientific world as a wonderful flower in the literary world. Unlike other scientific books, insect is not as boring as academic works. It is beautiful and beautiful, and it is also good at personification. It can be called an excellent literary work. For example, fable praised the green grasshopper: "the whole body is light green, with two white ribbons on both sides of the body; It has a unique body, long and symmetrical, big wings and thin like gossamer, which is the most elegant of grasshopper insects. " The vivid description makes the image of green grasshopper appear on paper. In a trance, I seem to see a woman in green walking towards me, like an elegant dancer, wearing beautiful dance clothes and dance shoes. Fable even described the jungle concert like this: "the horned swan is performing a sad solo, the bell toad is playing a sonata with the bell, the Italian cricket is playing the violin strings, and the green cricket seems to be beating a small triangle iron." In his works, animals have become musicians, moving music from the lines, beautiful dance seems to appear in front of me, those wearing beautiful dance clothes and dance shoes of the elves, lingering in my ears, presented in front of me, I indulged in it, for a long time can not extricate myself.

What attracts me is not only the witty language, but also fable's sincere love and admiration for life. It can be said that the perceptual tone and motivation of this work are awe and love for life, a clear understanding of survival; A deep feeling for life. Fable loves life, so he praises the beauty of wasp hives and the wisdom of Mantis nesting. Fable respects life, so he corrects the name of cicada and accuses ants of greed. Fable cherishes life, so he can feel the throb of life from the cricket's piano, forgetting to eat and sleep, day after day, year after year, just for the first moment that the little insects embrace the world.

This is the poem and the distance in the insect world. Fable praises the beauty of life with his plain language, and sounds a new sound of human cognition of the world with insects as the string.

Come here, with a noble life heart, make friends with insects and listen to the breath of nature.

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