Relish the taste of that cup of coffee

In the window seat, she and I sat face to face, talking and laughing, and the melancholy accumulated in many days soon disappeared. Occasionally, I lowered my head and drank coffee that had been stirred for a long time inadvertently. It was very delicious. A cup of coffee like that, we can drink it all afternoon. When the golden sunshine fades away, we will leave reluctantly. On such a day, it's lucky to have such a friend who can speak freely.

Unfortunately, later, my friend left such a small place. After all, her dream was not here. The day I saw my friend off, I felt as if I had lost my soul. A big car has taken away the belongings of my friends over the years, as well as the objects I used to be so familiar with and the bits and pieces I touched.

My friend left, but I couldn't help but go downstairs. There are still lights in the house. It's a pity that the owner of the house is not a friend I know well. In the past, if I passed by and saw a light, I would call my friend's name. My friend poked his head out of the balcony and shouted loudly, "come up and play. I have your favorite magazine here!" So, I will run up with great strides.

Once upon a time, no one felt lonely because of the existence of friends. Now, I have settled down in such a small place. With a husband, I still feel lonely. In fact, a lover can never replace a friend. A friend can give, but a lover can't.

A person at the weekend, idle boring, aimless walk, even to the former friends and coffee place. I suddenly remembered how we had coffee together many years ago and wanted to go in. But when my friend was away, I went in alone. I felt uncomfortable and didn't say anything. Moreover, I couldn't drink that kind of taste any more. I didn't feel happy any more.

So, when I can slow down in life, I always relish the taste of that cup of coffee in my own world and recall the bright sunshine my friends have brought to my life.

I finally understand that many friends may be doomed. Just like my friend, she is calm and introverted, which is very suitable for me. We all like to look for our own happiness in books, so we become good friends with the same ideals.

So, when we first met, we all felt that we were too late to meet. "So, you like it too!" Yes, there is infinite wonder in our joy. From that moment, my friends came into my world and added countless beauty and fun to my plain life.

If such a friend can accompany me all my life, I don't know how to thank God. It is a pity that my friend chose to leave in order to live. Since then, I have never had such a devoted friend. Since then, I am destined to become a lonely woman again.

In this diverse world, we can no longer find such confidants as friends. So I miss those days even more, the happiness that we can drink coffee together, and the taste that I remember all my life.

A friend is a kind of fate.

For me, my friend is the one I searched for in front of the Buddha in my last life. After hundreds of years of waiting, she finally came. I was very happy, but after a while, it disappeared.

Have such a friend, cherish it! Just like now I cherish that beautiful memory.

When aftertaste, my heart is also beautiful.

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