Remember the fantastic dance on the tip of the foot Ballet

Remember the fantastic dance on the tip of the foot Ballet

The elegant, fashionable and beautiful art meal, the infinite charm comes from classicism.

The dynamic body language foot tip, deduces in the eternal stage flow rhyme is pleasing.

I love the beautiful romantic and moving flow of light on the tip of the foot, with endless music and body dance language of classical ballet dance. Especially, the young Russian ballet dancer Pavlova performed a song by Tchaikovsky and the ballet "Swan Dance" directed by Ivanov.
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I didn't know what ballet dance was before. Later, I saw a piece of classical and beautiful ballet swan dance in Lenin in 1918, which was attracted by the beautiful dance and dance posture on the tip of the foot. At that time, it was attracted and moved by the beautiful dance posture and pleasant music of the beautiful body of the beautiful beauty. It is such a small film in the four small Swan Dance segment, unexpectedly let people at that time surprised at the daze. It can be seen how artistic charm it is!
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Ballet is the translation of the voice of ballet. Ballet originated in the Italian court in the 14th century, with a history of more than 500 years. Ballet is refined and processed on the basis of absorbing the folk dance art in Europe. At that time, as the Minister of the royal court and the Queen Princess and lady in the palace court, people enjoyed the entertainment and entertainment "music and dance between the seats". This kind of dance is strict and strict in structure. The dance step is extremely light and elegant, gentle and elegant, and is good at lyricism. Due to the graceful and elegant dance, it was soon introduced to the French court. At that time, French queen Katherin loved art dance. She watched ballet dance in Italian court, and she was attracted by the beautiful ballet art on the toe. The light and light dance posture, combined with the melody of the beautiful and pleasant music accompaniment composed by the famous masters, make the ballet dance unique toe dance posture and improve the body of the dancer. The leading role of the tight and gorgeous dance clothing, more depicting the protruding human body curve of the beautiful feeling. A series of waving arms, graceful rotating dance posture, air jumping split, the actress dressed in thin like cicada wing skirt, blooming as beautiful as flowers, light, showing the warm and full of youth beauty. The body beauty of the male and female sex is waved vividly. Flexible body language, such as dream romantic classic classical love theme, is full of harmonious harmony between the moving and tortuous love stories and untitled natural charm of music, which enhances the expressive power and tension of art, and highlights the beautiful elegant music natural rhythm sentiment and the rich emotional world of the characters. No wonder the French queen Katherin, who loves dance, has watched the clapping and adoring the ballet art. At that time, ballet schools were divided into storytelling and untitled story sitcom.

In 1581, the young French queen of dance art Kathleen de Medici commissioned Baltazar de borrier, the head of the court festival celebration, to elaborate the rehearsal of a performance called queen comedy ballet, which was intended to be performed at the wedding ceremony of Roland Marguerite, sister of Louise III. It was not a small matter at that time. The royal wedding ceremony was no more than the wedding of the general princes and ministers. It was obvious that queen Kathleen loved ballet. The performance was held close to the main hall of the wavelets by Louvre, the art palace in Paris. This was a great event in Paris, where the aristocratic ladies rushed to fill the three walls and two floors. Everyone wanted to see the beauty of dancing from the Italian palace.
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The script of the dance drama is selected from the mythological stories of ancient Greece, which shows the struggle between the siren silver and the intelligent goddess minalva. With the support of the king of France, the goddess of wisdom has won, and the magic of the female demon is relieved, which makes the original appearance of the beast of the female demons exposed, and the female demon has to submit to the king. The show lasted six hours, starting at 10 p.m. and ending at 4 a.m. The scene was warm and spectacular. The performance caused a sensation, applause, flowers everywhere, the stage was shining, the audience was moved by the beautiful dance posture and exquisite music. They and their aristocratic women first saw such a beautiful classic elegant ballet, all attracted by the ballet dancers' charm. Especially queen Louise and her maids entered the scene in a golden car with water spray, followed by many singing and playing instruments, and the half demon and half people dancing in the play, the atmosphere was more heated. A beautiful and gorgeous ballet wedding performance is a big hit. The dance drama not only publicizes the theme of good to overcome ugliness, but also makes the whole dance play more artistic structure integrity and the tortuous plot of the story, and can make the plot more visible and artistic appreciation in the development of the characters' conflicts, and between the traditional ballet and the classical drama, it has reached and Harmony and unity.

The success of Queen's comedy ballet marks the birth of the first formal ballet in Europe. Even then, Leonardo da Vinci, a famous Italian painter, was busy designing clothes and dance stage performances for "music and dance at the table". Ballet became an important ceremony in French court at a time. Even the elite of the Royal aristocracy often participated in ballet performance. Ballet became a kind of power and elegant fashion in the French upper class. Once Paris in France became the center of European ballet, even the successors of Henry IV, Louis XIII and Louis XIV, had a strong interest and strong interest in ballet. The artistic development and formation of ballet have been greatly developed with the help of the king queen.

The original ballet and opera are intertwined together, which is similar to the modern ballet of China, white haired woman and red women army. It was only in the early 19th century that ballet became an independent art. The creation of the reform of ballet art has benefited from French dance reformers and editor Novell. He emphasized the character depiction of the dance drama and the integrity of the drama structure of the plot, emphasized the plot of the development of the dance, advocated "plot dance", adopted the means of mime expression, further reformed the ballet clothing, and established a complete and strict dance action. Ballet in 18th century spread to Russia, and established famous ballet "Russian school" in Petersburg. Russian ballet masters, ballet composers have a famous Tchaikovsky, ballet educator wagonova, ballet dancer Pavlova, etc., which has created brilliant brilliance but is known as "father of classical ballet" Frenchman Marius pethidipa. His works are:

Don jicod, dancer, sleeping beauty, ramonda and swan dance were jointly completed in 1895 with his assistant, Lev Ivanov. The works of Peter Dipa have integrated the skill of Italian ballet and the lyric nature of French ballet. He has improved the skill structure and shape layout of the double dance in ballet. The composition is perfect, the skill is exquisite, and the dance posture is more beautiful and can be seen and watched. The magnificent momentum of exquisite Symphony has condensed the beauty into the most perfect image focus of art, and set up the principle of ballet unique artistic creation aesthetics. It improves the aesthetic pleasure and spiritual state. The ballet has been sublimated to the highest level of art. This perfect creative intelligence is amazing. He, who ruled Russia's Ballet stage for more than half a century. Swan dance has become a perfect, classic classic romantic ballet art model and the highest artistic peak in the world art hall.

It made Petersburg in Russia replace Paris as the center of ballet. The Russian ballet art really made ballet a new life.

Ballet is an independent dance performing art based on European classical dance, which combines music, mime, drama plot, body body dynamic language and toe as the key means of expression, and narrates a story, reflects a theme, explores life connotation, shows the true, good and beautiful theme ideas of the work and the image of modeling art. It has a complete, standardized and systematic training method and performance program and skills. Another important feature is that the actress needs to wear special toe shoes and dance on the ground with her toes. Therefore ballet is also called "toe dance"

I love to watch ballet. The classic Swan Dance doesn't have to be said. The music of "Nutcracker" and "Sleeping Beauty" written by Tchaikovsky is also very beautiful and beautiful, which makes me listen to it all the time, and the beautiful dance performance often makes me forget. The French classic ballet "the gardener's daughter" performed by Harold's Ballet shows, the beautiful dance posture and the scenery of pastoral scenery and oil painting, the exquisite performance skills and humorous performance style of the heroine make me laugh and have a great joy. The gardener's daughter was changed according to French folklore. The story happened in a country in France. The tortuous story of love between the young and kind gardener daughter Liz and the young Thomas in this village finally got a successful ending in the deepening of dance drama. Simone, a secular widow, was ready to marry her beautiful and kind daughter Liz to a silly son in the rich and rich family. She found her strong opposition. She could not stop her daughter's yearning for a better marriage freedom. Finally, with the help of the villagers, she was finally married with the young and capable man Thomas, and got the understanding and support of her mother. It is said that Jane dobwaral, the creator of the play, was inspired by a painting by oil painter baudoy. Shortly after the opening ceremony, a group of chickens in the farm yard of the LISS family jumped up the cheerful and funny dance of cock and hen in the sunrise. The music also cooperated with the playful and funny, and described the scene of the happy scene of the hen and the cock. In order to prevent the daughter from falling in love with the young people in the village, the mother tried to prevent her daughter from contacting the village people, and made a variety of jokes.

The dance drama is composed of the French romantic composer, emold, and the first section of the music is very beautiful. The first part consists of three parts: the dance of the introduction, the cock and the hen, Liz and STI. The whole music is full of pastoral scenery, cheerful and warm. The accessories in the melody are also very exquisite. Playing with wooden pipes, the percussion of the xylophone shows the happy scenes of the characters and animals, vivid and beautiful, light and playful. The positioning of instruments is very accurate. The music is well-organized, and it is harmonious with the whole dance drama. The climax is endless, and the audience reaches the highest level of true, good and beautiful. Happy people, beautiful people, relaxed people! Especially collective dance and double dance depict the lively, humorous and simple local customs and customs. Especially the mime, it is the mother's mentality portrayed into three points. The dance style is also very beautiful. dance Clothing, setting, characters and poultry all have the flavor of French countryside. It is a good classic ballet that people can appreciate! Especially when people are unhappy and unhappy, watching this ballet can play a role in regulating the soothing and pleasant mood! The music and dance posture, humorous and playful mime movements and cheerful, bright and elegant musical tension, and dance movements, such as the double green ribbon dance of Liz and lover Thomas, the plot of mother and Liz's milk barrel, and the scene in the field of harvest fields such as the blind son of the financial master's family, are full of comedy elements.

I think I can enjoy ballet mainly from the content of the story, music, dance posture skills, plot and so on. Most ballet music is written by masters of famous artists. It is needless to say the aesthetic and appreciation value of music. The beauty of dance posture is also the tiptop art which other musical plays can not replace. It is really beautiful and fascinating. I love the beauty of ballet, not only appreciate her light and beautiful unique dance posture, but also like beautiful music and drama.

The classic ballet dance is just listening to her play and it's very beautiful!

Queen comedy ballet, Giselle, swan dance, sleeping beauty, don gybumpde, dancer, Notre Dame de Paris, pirates, Nutcracker, coconut forest, Corbella, etc., ballet of night (starring Louis XIV in France, founded Dance Academy for this purpose), female fairy in fairy Actress Mary tanoni danced with her feet completely. She was in a white, transparent and thin skirt, and she was spinning and waving her dancing posture and dancing in a white, tight and thin dress. She was dancing like a ghost, and she had a kind of vague and unreal dream feeling. The toe dance with the rhythm of music, which gives the audience a kind of inspiration to fly dream. The light dance, dreamlike mood, and moving dance posture foot tip melody skills bring the audience into the mysterious and strange world. The charm of the tangled illusion of ballet in the love of the fairy body is displayed in a sound and vivid manner, and is extremely beautiful.

The poets exclaimed, "she walked on the calyx, and she couldn't bend the stem!" It can be seen that the dance is light.

"Miss talioney is the only dreamer who can dance and show that we are like a poet and impossible to achieve," praised theoffel gotier, a famous French writer

"To your amazing feet, to your magic wings," says Wenhao Hugo for the creation of the female ballet dancer taliani That's the charm of ballet!

The great reform performances of a generation of ballet masters taliani, zaharov, ulannova and so on make ballet art to a brilliant future. Even today the world is still beautiful with Russian ballet dance !

Ah, I love to watch this beautiful flawless beauty makes people forget the charm of the infinite beauty of the heaven and the elegant arts of the body body and foot, ballet, 100 watch, can not be tired of, immersed in the charm of beauty, forget the trouble and worry between the rolling red dust and intoxicated! Short articles can not be left to this point, let readers and friends to watch and listen to the masters' performances in person!

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