Remember the lost love

I once loved a person like this, deeply embedded her in my bone marrow, and enjoyed the pain and pride for every inch of bone crack that was opened by the collision between bone and body

Sad, not because love is over, but because when everything is over, love is still there.

I pretended that the past was unimportant, but found that I couldn't do it.

It is you who forget the memories, I forget to forget, the hands that have been held have been released, and the promises have been broken.

That year, that day, you walked into my heart. You were my dream and became a part of my heart. Do you remember when you first appeared in my world? Do you remember the first love letter I wrote for you? Short words, but my heart.

We have been together for five years, and we have experienced a lot. We have also been to many places. We have been happy, happy, crying and laughing. Our lives are full of the shadow of each other. We have been inseparable for the past five years. Since I saw you in the summer when I was 19 years old, I thought you must be the person I want to marry in the future. I began to pursue you. I accompany you to eat, go shopping and cross the road every day. If you are unhappy, I will accompany you. I will send you to the station when I come home from vacation, When you caught a cold, I secretly cooked ginger soup at home and brought it to you... Wait, think about it. It was really nice to meet at the age of 19, and I was lucky to meet the person I love.

Later, we got together and applied to the same university. At that time, I only wanted to spend my life with you and protect you from any injustice. During the three years of college life, we would be happy together every day. We also went to many places and left many common memories. In school, we were happy together. You are a strong girl. I will follow you when I am with you, I can't see you unhappy. Since we have been happy together, we must have been sad. Every time I make you unhappy, no matter who's wrong, it's my fault. I will try every means to coax you, because I know I'm a boy and I still love you so much. I should do this, and I'm willing to do this, because your happiness is my happiness. When I am with you, I will certainly leave the best to you. For example, you like to eat duck wings but you don't like to eat the skin of duck wings. I will peel off the skin and give it to you. At that time, we were really carefree and happy together, thinking about how beautiful the future is.

Later, we had to work, and we were still together. We rented a big house, and we lived together, so that we could wake you up and say good morning to you every morning.

I treat you like a princess every day. Sometimes I come home early, and I prepare the food for you to come home. Every night when you are thirsty, I will bring the water to your mouth. When you are busy, I will wash your underwear and socks. When you come to the holiday, I will buy brown sugar in advance, flush it and bring it to you. Some people may say that I do this is insignificant and not worth mentioning. But I think this is what I should do, and I am willing to do it for you, I do this to make you feel happy with me.

At that time, I thought I would make you happy all your life, and I must give you happiness. At that time, although I didn't earn much money, I worked very hard. I just wanted to give you a stable home. We didn't have much money at the beginning of work, but it's OK for me to be a little bit hard and tired. I know you are more selective in eating. At noon, I would rather eat the steamed bread I brought in the morning, but I will still leave the money for you to eat what you like. Every day I try to make you happy. Maybe that's love. I know that you were also very sensible at that time. You also know that life is not easy. You did not waste any money. You would also go home to cook and eat by yourself every day to save some expenses and to have a good meal together at the weekend. Whenever I think of this, I feel sad and guilty, and I will not be able to give you the best material life.

Writing here, tears have wet the keyboard. Is it really so difficult to love someone.

How strong should we become to withstand the desolation of this world

It's raining outside the window,

Drop by drop on the glass outside the window

Blurred, blurred the whole world

On the cheek,

Falling, falling is tears, will it be water

Good night, my favorite time: 3:08 a.m. on May 11, 2018

Later, we became busier and busier, and we had less communication with each other. Maybe the industry was different, and you didn't want to tell me what you were doing. In fact, I really want to be your listener. Even if I can't help you solve anything, it will release the pressure. I am willing to bear all the pressure with you, but your character is so stubborn. If I ask more questions, you will be angry.

Later, you decided to set up your own company. I support you very much and help you buy everything. I know that is the life you pursue. Later, you were busy with all kinds of social activities, and we spent less and less time together and less communication. But I know you are busy. I know you chose to put me aside for your career. I can understand that you don't go home when you go out for social activities and get drunk. I know that there are friends around, and I can understand that. I can understand more when I declare that I am single, because I know that it is all for your career, and I am willing to accept this unfair treatment, Who makes me love you.

Habit is a terrible thing. Because of habit, you will take it for granted. Because of habit, no one will think what it would be like to lose it.

I thought it would be good to be with you silently, to protect you, support you and be nice to you, but I was wrong. I was really wrong. The person I love most did not think about my feelings, nor did I think about whether I was really happy. But I don't blame you. I really don't blame you, because I love you, but you don't love me as much as I love you. What you want is not me. Even if I try hard and pay more, Maybe I can't get a smile from you. My love is so humble.

I have to admit that love is not equal, such as: I clumsily made a cup of tea to warm your stomach, but you are not willing to warm my heart with a word.

I smoke, I drink, do you care? I laugh, I cry, do you care? I am weak, I try to be brave, do you care? I have a fever, I have stomachache, do you care? I work overtime all night, do you care? I am wronged, heartache, do you care? I am sad, I am upset, do you care? I fear, I despair, do you care? I send a message, I write a diary, do you care? What I do, do you care? Do you care

Some people say that only through experience can I grow up. This time I lost my favorite. How dare I not grow up? I must become excellent. I'm really happy after we've been together for so many years. I think you are too. I really love you very much. I'm willing to do everything for you, pay all I have, and deeply reflect on my impulse at that time. I will change, I will.

We've been together for five years. How dare I be irresponsible to you, not to mention that I love you so much. Since the day I was with you, I've been aiming to get married. I've worked so hard for so many years to make your life better in the future. I'm tired and bitter. It's nothing. I really want to marry you. I really want to give you a happy family. I won't do anything stupid in the future. I will understand it after experience and become mature, I feel pain when I really lose it. We have been separated for a month, and my body has lost ten kilograms. I think this is all the consequences I deserve. I am willing to wait. I am really willing to wait. I will wait until the day you get married. I will not regret having loved you for so many years. I will never meet such a loved one again. I will always stick to it, do not disturb, do not make noise, and silently protect you behind my back.

I want to do a hundred things to keep you, but I can't do a thousand things to keep you.

What saddens me more is that I can't even do anything, and can only be mixed in the gaps of the dull life.

I forgot to tell you that I still miss you.

I forgot to tell you that I still love you.

I forgot to tell you that I haven't left yet.

Forget to tell you, I have been behind you.

You know, I'll miss you very much.

You don't know, I miss you every night.

I really love you, who is impossible to me.

When you miss someone, go and miss it. Maybe one day, you won't miss her so much.

On that day, you will miss the feeling of missing someone so much.

When you love someone, love as much as you can, and let her know how much you love her.

Perhaps one day, when I grow up, I have suffered too many injuries, too many disappointments, and too many thoughts. I will never love someone so ardently.

We all forget that the years to come are so long that I can love someone again, just like I liked you at the beginning. But can I really like her as much as I like you?

No one can hug themselves in this season of summer rain

Years, leaving only the vicissitudes,

Love, leaving only pain,

Life, leaving behind, only feeling

Who moved the cicadas in the whole summer, who rendered the withering of an autumn,

Next morning, who will give me the feeling of spring warmth and blooming flowers.

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