Remembrance of lost friendship

All night long, the time has come unconsciously. It's a little cold sitting, but the brain is clear. My mind can't help but recall what happened in the past few weeks. Everything is so fast, so confusing. The solution was so quick, and the end was equally unacceptable.

It's easy for me to think too much. I can imagine someone's words. There is a saying that "all things should be prepared for the worst before they come to an end. In this way, you can not disappoint yourself." yes. Don't let people down. The result of this matter is much better than I thought. Although the past few days have passed, calm down and let your mind be clear and remember the lost friendship.

I commemorate friendship, many people will feel incredible. Others are love, but there is no love in my world. More is friendship. To tell the truth, I don't have many friends. So I know this precious.

A week ago, we seemed to have a bad time. When I got home, I was very depressed. After seeing the words of concern from my girlfriends, I returned to reality. If I remember correctly, she and I should have been unhappy for the second time. But this time I don't know why. A few days later, her disappearance and my calmness seemed to put an end to the war without gunpowder smoke.

But I am not reconciled. I want to know the reason why I was sentenced to death. Or choose to face. Face is good, but now I have to say. To face problems, you have to have a strong heart and do not be surprised. I have no choice about her tone and way, which I should have been used to. Only silence. Some people say that "a woman's silence is the strongest cry". I dare not shed tears on the three of them. The insomnia of those nights is my most sincere memory.

The matter was well explained. I heard her thoughtful answer. At the same time, I also saw her own message in the space. Yes, the carefulness between us has been unable to return to the previous random. What we can do now is not to touch the only "defective products". As she said, our life circle is different, our mentality is different, and our friends are different... I have not refuted any of her words. Because what she said was right, but she only saw one side. Everything has two sides. She turned a blind eye to the good convenience.

Yes, we are really different now. If you really want to go, everything is a reason. I still have a seven-year friendship. Without too many words, there is only understanding between us. It's normal not to contact for half a year. We can still talk and laugh after meeting. Talk about each other's lives. This may be "eternity". In terms of this paragraph, what happened these days is really not worth mentioning. Think too much. I'm here. I'll be there if you need me.

Do you know? The previous six have gone one after another. Once believed that "a lifetime", now is very cautious. Why is that? I am very happy to be with them, but it seems that I have broken this harmony again. It is not an exaggeration to use the phrase "unable to laugh or cry".

Friendship or love. You come, I believe you won't go, you go, I think you haven't been here. Although the life circle and the circle of friends are different, I still want my former friendship, but it seems that my hope is very small. I don't know why such a situation would occur. Is it possible that the feelings that have been running in for six years will go their separate ways? Are you willing to give up? To tell you the truth, I'm not willing.

Their hot faces stick to each other's cold buttocks, and they always think that they are not doing well enough... In their own eyes, this is love; In the eyes of the other party, this is annoying; In the eyes of others, this is cheap... Do you know what is unnecessary? It's your flattery after you give up. I don't want to have such a heart. Even if you don't treat me as a friend or even an ordinary classmate, I won't try my best to stay. I have done such things. I asked him to stay. Once or twice is OK. Three times and four times are enough! Everyone also has a bottom line. Since you don't cherish me, I can't help it.

Do you know what kind of trust I have given you? You point a gun at my chest. Even if the gun goes off, I believe it's just a misfire. It really is. This trust has never been broken. How can two people not quarrel? I can take it as a kind of running in, but she doesn't seem to think so. Should I have no place in her heart?

Do you know what trust is? You are my friend, so I choose to believe you. You won't listen to anyone. You are you. Not anyone else. I just hope she can give me the same trust. Is that too much to ask for?

Now I dare not leave a message for myself in the space, for fear of breaking such harmony. Alas, I'm afraid this time. But I'm afraid I'm tired. Such friendship can really make me feel tired.

Writing this article, in addition to commemorating my lost friendship. And tell yourself something. The world is so big that I only care about a small number of people. As long as you are here, I have you in my heart. You have me in your heart. Not afraid of everything.

Give yourself this sentence:

Sometimes, we live very tired. It is not that life is too mean, but that we are too easy to be infected by the external atmosphere and influenced by the emotions of others. Walking in the crowd, we always feel that there are countless eyes penetrating our hearts and lungs, and there are many short-term and long-term cold words, which eventually confuse our minds and gradually become bound to the mess we weave. In fact, you live for yourself. Not many people can take you to heart.

Taking good care of yourself is the king's way.

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