Repair Your Tap Dance Shoes by yourself

Repair method for worn paint off of tap dance shoes skin:

1. If the toe cap of tap dance shoes is slightly broken or peeled off, it can be polished with fine sandpaper first, and then the whole shoes can be cleaned, and then the shoes can be renovated and dyed with leather dye.

2. If the toe of tap dance shoes is seriously damaged, the damaged part should be thoroughly cleaned, and then the leather repair paste should be applied. After drying, the leather shoes should be polished, and then the leather shoes should be cleaned as a whole. Finally, the leather dyeing agent should be applied for renovation and dyeing.

3. What should we do if the leather on the surface of tap dance shoes is kicked off? As introduced in the TV, we can buy a crayon with similar color, apply it on the "wound" of the shoes, and then apply a layer of transparent color shoe polish, then a layer of wax, and then a layer of shoe polish, and so on, until the effect is satisfactory.

Extended information:

Precautions for leather shoes maintenance:

1. In case of frosting in tap dance shoes, use gauze or cotton to dip in a small amount of warm water, wipe off the white cream on tap dance shoes, put it in a ventilated place to air, and then rub a small amount of shoe polish for storage.

2. Tap dance shoes should be cleaned with soft cloth or soft brush, and maintained with special shoe polish.

3. If the tap dance shoes are frosted leather shoes, please do not use shoe polish or water brush. Use special detergent, brush gently along the direction or use special rubber shoe powder to clean.

4. If the tap dance shoes are made of oil skin and the upper has been soaked in oil, dry cloth or special products can be used to clean the upper during maintenance.

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