Research is hard, but I enjoy it

Full of expectations opened the prelude to the "three rural" social practice activities. Each team member has his own position, but I chose to investigate and give up teaching, because I still did not have the courage to stand on the podium, because my teammates had long recognized that I was not confident and gave my favorite position to other people, and I could only take a step back, but I wanted to tell them that I was not weak and I could still do well. Although I can't support teaching, I will exercise well in the research group, seriously complete my work, and reap other precious fruits - communication ability.

We all know that research is hard, but we are happy because we can not only complete our work well, but also exchange our opinions with the villagers and experience their hard work and happiness. What makes us happy is that they support our work very much. Sometimes they will think of us and fight for our grievances because the captain did not pay us. Ha ha, the honest farmer uncle is really cute. Of course, we will also be misunderstood because of the research on rural cooperative medical insurance. We are selling insurance and are refused to fill in the questionnaire. However, what makes us feel guilty is that we can't reflect their views on rural cooperative medical insurance to the superiors for the villagers, because they almost put their hopes on us. I hope that the government can improve its policies as soon as possible, so as to truly serve the interests of the people.

Although I have learned a lot of knowledge in the research, I still feel dissatisfied because I lack a teacher-student relationship to communicate with students. I hope that I can receive letters from students like those "class teachers", because the contents of the letters make me jealous. When I see the happiness of my teammates, I envy them. Nevertheless, I can only bless them, because I believe I will have a chance in the future.

Going to the countryside is a road, sometimes bumpy, sometimes the scenery along the way is unique. It tells me that no one's road ahead is smooth and steady. Even the ships that can navigate freely in the river are inevitably bumpy. Therefore, it is inevitable to be injured in life. It is not terrible to fail and miss. What is terrible is that you will never recover and lose the direction of life. As long as you don't lose your direction, you will enjoy the unique scenery. I thank you for the experience of going to the countryside three times.

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