Research this way

It's not very pleasant to visit and investigate everywhere in the scorching sun, but you can encounter many things you haven't encountered in school and gain a lot of precious warmth that is worth cherishing.

Perhaps in the eyes of many adults, our research is more or less of a lottery. Naturally, we have encountered many obstacles. But I still think this survey is worth mentioning. Because I met an 88 year old grandmother who was still willing to lead the way for our research and liked to chat with me about her story. Because we can get his great help when President Dou is so busy, and we are busy for our research. Because we met the shopkeeper who helped us warmly. Because those simple and honest hard stuffed fruits to our aunts. It's also because the landlady of our processing factory wants to send lotus bamboo.

What shocked us most was that we had the honor to visit the training center for the disabled, which is a local Fugui bamboo processing factory and a place to provide jobs for the disabled. Maybe it's because our major is special education? At the first glance, we were extremely excited and looking forward to it. This processing factory may be a real witness to the recognition of the disabled by the society. Today, we need to really witness this existence, rather than stay in textbooks, stay in those hard words without temperature. With the help of the landlady, we were lucky to meet a handicapped person in the factory. This is a real example in front of us. In more remote areas, its existence is a kind of evidence for the improvement of social acceptance of disabled people. Although it is insufficient, it is indeed a real progress and development. We are happy to see this situation and look forward to its development.

I'm looking forward to your arrival on tomorrow's research trip. I hope you can show me more warmth worthy of my collection.

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