Run while you are young

With regard to youth, I think of sprinkling blood and running heartily on the road.

On the morning of the 9th, we held an interesting school sports meeting. The students ran back and forth between the game points, and every minute counts. The project I am responsible for is a slam dunk master. The rules of the game are to let the team of students throw ten basketballs, and if they win three balls, they can pass the customs.

What impresses me most is one of the female teams in the second year of junior high school. After the first time they failed, they tried the second time, but still failed. Then they went to play other games. After a few minutes, they came again for the third time, but unfortunately they still failed. Then they continued to try, and after the fifth time, they finally succeeded. During the period, I advised them not to go through the customs or go directly to the traffic checkpoint. However, they refused and said they wanted to continue to try. Finally, their efforts paid off and they succeeded in the fifth shooting. Looking at their cheering and running away, I can't help feeling that youth should be persistent, that is, should run heartily.

Looking at the students running freely between the competition points, people can't help but feel touched and want to run with them. So, let's run while we are young.

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