Schoolmate love, life love

To be honest, modern communication is great! Can connect people from all corners of the earth, as long as you like. Our normal students who have been separated by 20 years get together again. Of course, the students who established wechat group contributed a lot. Maybe it was the wish of the people. We told each other that in a few days, a class of students joined the group together. Some students proposed a party, and everyone agreed. So we set the time and place, and everyone looked forward to it.

We brought twenty years into each other's sight. Wrinkles have climbed up the forehead, the original young face has been submerged by maturity, and the plump body has replaced the original exquisite body. In front of us are clearly a group of middle-aged men and women who have gone through the world. Youth seems to have bid farewell to us. Twenty years have made our youth peel off. We have to sigh that the years are ruthless and youth is no longer. We will be amazed at the change of a classmate. In addition to sighing and sighing, reason tells us how long it has been for 20 years, and our children are now close to what we were then. What reason do we have to hold on to our youth? The reason why we marvel is that we retain the youth mark of 20 years ago.

After sighing, we cut and threw away the time of these 20 years, shook hands and hugged, talked and laughed heartily, and connected with the picture of 20 years ago. You haven't changed, I haven't changed, the expression is still that expression, the voice is still that voice, funny ratio is still that funny ratio, talkers are still talkative, and those who love to laugh still love to laugh... What's the matter with the old face? The kindness is still the same as in those years, a high five, a laugh and scold, still chasing and playing like a child, still teasing and having fun, and warmth flows between each other. Let's continue the innocence released in the best years, take care of the hardships of his world, take care of his distant dreams, and forget thousands of troubles. There is no need to deal with the treachery of yin and Yang, let alone the disguise of suspicion with a mask. Here, let's release our souls, take off our fatigue, continue to be young and frivolous, and then let's indulge wantonly.

A "are you okay?" You know, I know! When you say nothing at all! Unknowingly, we have reached the middle age of life. In the past 20 years, we have performed a unique life on our own stage. Success or failure, honor or disgrace, ups and downs, ups and downs, joys and sorrows have honed the former frivolous uninhibited, matured the former ignorance, and realized the former fantasy and empty talk. We have used 20 years to spell today's appearance. No matter how the years change and how the world changes, the friendship between us is still the sincerity from the bottom of our hearts. Once has been once, as long as you are here, I will be there, as long as you are good to me. Just like the longest goodbye when we graduated: "may everything be fine in our future!" Yes, we are all right! We can still make merry with wine, we can still sing the songs of childhood, we will still fly tirelessly with dreams, we will still meet the wind and rain of life with pride, we will still rely on each other and encourage each other... No matter how busy, tired and far away, we are willing to invite you to get together here on time. The bright smile and strong face tell us: everything is fine! At the moment of shaking hands, we felt the strength given by each other and the warmth melted into our hearts.

A love that was open or repressed at the bottom of my heart is also admitted today. A piece of the past is scattered in the wind in everyone's laughter, and has become a smoke old song in the mottled memory. A female classmate said how she secretly fell in love with a boy in her class and recited Xi Murong's poem "a flowering tree" on the spot to express her passionate feelings 20 years ago. The boy married another girl in his class. After listening to the recitation, the couple offered a tooth of watermelon as a consolation. The wife of the male classmate encouraged them to take a group photo for this aborted relationship, which was applauded and supported. The boy held the girl's hand, the girl pillowed the boy's shoulder, and a classmate put a rose on their head. Under the design of everyone, they took a "lover" photo. Everyone laughed and applauded for the purity and selflessness at the bottom of their hearts. What other emotions can be so honest? Sigh or regret, it has become the purest mark in life. It is the most flawless and beautiful stroke in the best years.

Returning to our alma mater, we seem to be back in those days: running on the playground once, under the leadership of the sports committee member "one, two, one, one, two, three, four!" It seems to see the elegant young man with ideals and high spirits in those days; After staying for a while on the Boulevard, I seem to see a large number of students hurriedly carrying books; Walking around in front of the auditorium, I seem to see another talent show in full bloom and vitality; Sitting on the lawn under the gentle brush of willow trees, I seem to see the fierce debate of tit for tat; Looking up under the pines and cypresses for a hundred years, we seem to see the lively scene of betting on trees in those years... In the past 20 years, we have forgotten many trivial things of life and many people, but everything here is like yesterday. We are unforgettable and have inadvertently cherished it in the deepest part of our hearts.

Walk into the classroom, pick up the passing time, touch the tables and chairs of the doors and windows, and the fragments of the past efforts, singing, crying, laughing and playing... Come one after another. Sign on the blackboard and tell us that we have not forgotten that we have come back with the mark of 20 years. Please come to the podium and say a few more words for us. The teacher also regrets a lot, Gave us a special lesson: "Dear students, when I hear your name and your voice again, it seems that time has shuttled back to 20 years ago. What a lovely and pure group of elves! Thank you for the purity and immaculation you brought to my life, so that I can spend my best years in dust-free peace. After 20 years of changes, you who were ignorant at the beginning have now grown up. For decades Come, ups and downs, joys and sorrows, ups and downs, ups and downs, gratitude and resentment... You should experience all kinds of tastes of life. From your optimism, humor, self-confidence and honesty, I can fully feel the openness, calm and free and easy after honing. My old heart may be young because of you. Thanks for God's favor, let the laughter of that year continue, and make the friendship of that year stronger... This tie across time and space may be pure and thick, and here is still clean and clear, just as in that year. This will be a great wealth on the road of life. I hope students can treasure, hide, protect and bless it! " The teacher's heartfelt speech made us surging and moved. We looked up at each other, and we covered our faces and wiped our tears

Sing a few more old songs. A song of Zhou Huajian's "friends" sang our hearts, clapped our hands, stamped our feet, and sang the purest friendship in our hearts. "Friends walk together all their lives, and those days no longer exist. In a word, life, life love, a glass of wine, friends have never been alone, life friends you know best..." it seems that we are back on the lawn 20 years ago, playing and singing for self entertainment; It's like going back to the dormitory, wearing sheets, straw hats, holding a brush as a microphone, imitating the affectionate singing of stars; It seems that we have returned to the flower vine room again. Groups of people knock on the bowl with chopsticks and run to the canteen. All this is as clear as yesterday. Now nearly 40 years old, we are still singing the old songs of that year. A table, a chair, a room and a tree here have witnessed our growth and left our footprints. We are looking for the footprints of youth. Things have changed here, and we can't find the remnants of the past. The years have already turned over the vivid picture of that year. Here we will not be sad because we are far away, nor happy because of our arrival. We are just a student who has hurried here for three years. The school buildings are still, the statues are still, the playground is still, and the trees are still... Our youth only exists in our eyes and hearts. Touching the scenery, we picked up the past full of purpose, remembered each other's best Chinese year in three years, and cherished it in our whole life. We met again in the most innocent time. It has nothing to do with time, nothing to do with the world, no gap, no estrangement. We are still like a spring breeze and are still willing to meet in the most innocent attitude. Perhaps, human nature has the most primitive desire for sincerity and purity. This hearty gathering meets the needs of everyone's heart. The significance of the classmate gathering may be here. Why don't we end the next party in five years? Everyone raised their hands in favor. In a hurry that year, it has gone far away. All the prosperity has become a distant landscape. What remains unchanged is the friendship forever in our hearts. May we cherish each other and move forward with this warmth!

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