Self reproach hidden in the bottom of my heart

Two years ago, I had a friend. We all called him Forrest Gump. He is much smarter than Forrest Gump in the film and has no disability. The only similarity is that he is also honest and easy to bully. In fact, Forrest Gump is kind-hearted and has no bad intentions. Therefore, he has a good relationship with others, and few people bully him.

Among several friends, perhaps because they are classmates, I have the best relationship with Forrest Gump. Therefore, in the eyes of others, we are almost inseparable good friends. In addition, we have a good chat and many common hobbies. Because of these, Forrest Gump is willing to share his troubles with me, including his privacy - Forrest Gump's parents divorced, but they treat him well. Even so, Forrest Gump is still worried that his parents can't live under the same roof. Once, Forrest Gump asked me how to reunite his parents. When I was young, I couldn't do anything about it. And because Forrest Gump's academic performance is not very good, he often asks me questions about my study. Many times, I think in my heart: such a simple question won't work! How to learn.

Sometimes, I take his privacy and problems as conversation and jokes with others... Therefore, I feel uneasy for a long time after that.

Later, because I chose different schools when I entered school, Forrest Gump and I rarely met. We could get together only during the holidays. When we got together again, the content of our conversation had changed greatly. He seemed to have seen through me and was no longer willing to share things about him with me. We talked like this without a word.

As time went on, I really realized that what I had done was so absurd. Maybe Forrest Gump already knows, or maybe he doesn't know. Anyway, what I want him to know more is that I'm sorry

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