she was just a housewife

He graduated from college and she did not finish high school, but he still married her.

When they got married, they didn't even hold the ceremony. They only spent a few yuan to get two red books and a rental house, so they could have a home.

Both of them are not local people, so they love each other more when they live together. He said that he was reluctant to quarrel with her, because she had no place to go when she was angry, and her parents were not around. Who would protect and tell her her grievances? Hearing this, she felt very warm.

She has no education background, so it is difficult to find a decent job. She has been busy for several months, but no results. So he said, why don't you stay at home and be a full-time wife? I can support you alone. She smiled. She thought that if it was really not possible, she could work as a cleaner, but not as a full-time wife.

The next day, he bought back a local chicken. He said that the company had given him a lot of commission this month. Today, he would like to improve his food. He is a professional. In order to promote more products, he often goes out early in the morning and comes back late at night. She chopped the chicken into pieces and put it into the casserole according to the practice in the book. The book said that she would put the big ingredients in place and stew them slowly over low heat. The soup made by the book has high nutritional value. She thought it was necessary to give him a tonic. He worked so hard that if he didn't have any nutrition, he would be tired one day.

As time went by, she would lift the lid of the casserole from time to time to see what stage the soup had reached. It is said in the book that you must remember to master the fire.

He came back just in time, a pot of white fresh chicken soup. He was sweating all over his head and kept praising her for her skill. He said that his recent performance was OK, so he persuaded his wife to cook at home.

She acquiesced to his words. Anyway, he had nothing to do at home, so he tried to make soup for him. Sometimes he didn't come back for lunch. She could cook the chops soup for a whole day, and when he came back in the evening, only a bowl of thick soup was left. She watched him finish his soup and thought with satisfaction that the nutrition must be enough to make up for his hard work outside all day.

Later, he really succeeded. He was promoted to regional business manager. They bought an apartment building and became a family with cars and houses. On that day, she excitedly put her arms around his neck and praised him for his ability. She did not marry the wrong person.

Unfortunately, the good times are not long. When he succeeded, a small assistant of the company fell in love with him. In a drunken night, he took a wrong step. For half a year, he was bewitched by her. He thought that the little assistant loved him. In order to be worthy of his love, he lied to her at home about going on business, traveling with her, and didn't go home for a week. He often compared in his mind that the little assistant was younger and more beautiful than her. The little assistant was a professional white-collar worker, but she was just a housewife. He even had the idea of divorce.

When this idea was still contradictory, the little assistant stole his project plan and handed it to another company, which destroyed his half year's efforts.

He recalled that the so-called love between him and his assistant was nothing more than mutual deception and utilization. True love is like soup. How can you make a thick white nutritious soup with two fires?

He took out his mobile phone and dialed her. He stammered: I, I will go home tonight.

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