Shiqiao is so lucky to meet

On June 30, we came to Shiqiao village and launched a ten day teaching support activity. Time is in a hurry, so the 10 day teaching life is over. Looking back on these days, I feel a lot.

At more than 1 p.m. on the 30th, we got on the bus of the dead Qiao primary school. It rained when we got to school that day, but the heavy rain could not stop our enthusiasm. We carried our luggage in the rain. In the afternoon, I used to clean the dormitory and the kitchen. When we finished packing, the headmaster of Shiqiao primary school brought us yellow skin. The teammates ate happily and thanked the loving headmaster very much. The first night, we brought our own dry food, so I ate instant noodles on the first night. Class began on the 1st. In the first section of the morning, there was a freshman meeting. As a deputy, I went to each class to learn about the situation, and then introduced myself. On the morning of the 1st, I first arranged a freshman meeting, then a fun garden party for grade one and grade two, and a group auxiliary class for grade three. I was also arranged to give classes to the students in grade three. It was a great honor for school leaders and many media to visit us that morning. When I was in class that day, Guangdong TV station also came, and I felt really nervous when more than 10 cameras were facing me. However, at that time, I took my time and finished the class naturally. The students were also very cooperative and did a good job in this class.

In the first quarter of the afternoon, I went to class for the first grade children. I taught crafts and prepared to teach the children to make crowns. Before class, the children saw the crown on the podium and kept saying, wow, teacher, the crown is so beautiful. Naturally, children are also very involved in learning in class. The children are really cute. My heart is broken by the teacher's cries. There are three grades in the school. There is a class in each grade. I have a manual class in each class. The first grade teaches crown, the second grade teaches paper cranes and butterflies, and the third grade teaches bows with high difficulty coefficient. The children are enthusiastic about the craft class, and they are also very active in the class. I am also very happy to see them so happy.

On the 3rd and 4th, due to the final examination of the primary school department, we moved to the kindergarten, which has four classes, namely, small class, medium class, large class and large class. In order to facilitate our teaching, we merged into two classes. The children in the kindergarten were so cute that they didn't recognize any students at all, and they hugged us directly as soon as they came. In the past, the children were very enthusiastic in class. As soon as they saw me passing, several children gathered around, one holding my left hand, the other holding my right hand, some holding my thigh, and some holding my clothes. At that time, I really wanted to have three heads and six arms, so that I could lead more children. The children's smiles sweetened me, and it was worth it no matter how tired I felt.

It is also worth mentioning the story of cooking together during the three trips to the countryside. The village committee of Shiqiao village provided us with a big kitchen in their village, and we took turns to cook big pots of rice. Teammates who cook breakfast need to get up at 5 o'clock. In addition to cooking breakfast, they also need to buy vegetables for the day. I still remember the day when it was my turn, I also got up early and went to the market with two other teammates. I had been thinking about buying good dishes. For me, who was very inexperienced in cooking, my head really hurt. I seldom cook. I fired the first set of fans that day. It was really exciting. The boys in our team can be called a great one, and they are no inferior in cooking a big pot of rice. There are also teammates who were born in Chaoshan area. One of them is delicious, which is really happy.

Looking back on these days' rich and wonderful journey, we feel a lot. What we take away is beautiful memories and difficult friendship, and what we leave behind is the vision and expectation of hope. I hope these memories and feelings can turn into seeds and stay in the hearts of children until they thrive and serve the country

I also hope that these happiness and growth can turn into stars and shine in the hearts of teachers, waiting for him to shine and give directions.

I am grateful for meeting those lovely children, for the warm hospitality of the village committee and the president, and for the care of my teammates. Shiqiao was so lucky to meet.

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