Silent agreement

The footprints that come and go have nothing to do with memory, but will disappear calmly in joys and sorrows. Maybe, on a sunny day, I will remember yesterday. notes preceding the text of a book or following the title of an article

Often, I like to walk along the path alone, walk between dusk and sunset, count my mood, whisper softly, and count those small things in quiet time. Facing the breeze, I go to see the reverse sunlight, personally experience its warmth, and smile and tell myself that the sunshine and afterglow are always warm. No matter what, as long as it is sunny, it can warm itself.

A wisp of breeze, floating away a prosperous branch. A trace of unbearable, withered a time of youth. Sigh, time flies, play a song, time flies. Meet again, half cover your face, still miss.

Today, the sky is still high and the clouds are light, just like this time last year. Feel the setting sun and the warmth you bring. If you don't see the fallen leaves and know the autumn, you still live in the summer. Who knows, it's already the Mid Autumn Festival. Looking back today, the mark of youth is on the paper. The youth of that year can still be pursued between the lines.

At this time last year, I was still a member of the training army. I was a rookie freshman who had just entered the University. With infinite curiosity, I began an unprecedented devil training in such a strange place. I don't know why your arrival made me feel completely at ease. Is this the boss effect in my heart? Seeing you is like seeing home, our bedroom and the secret that belonged to us at that time. Thank you for your short company. That's warm greetings. At that moment, in a strange environment, everything seemed to be very close to me. At that time, you were a sophomore.

Many times, I am melancholy, sentimental or parting in my own world. Occasionally, I inadvertently wet the corners of my eyes in looking back. After that, look at the world in front of you through tears, ask the open sky and the boundless earth, where have you all gone? Finally, the whole world cried with me. At a certain moment, all kinds of memories turned into unforgettable scenery in my heart, good or bad. Even at a certain moment, the interpretation of tears turned into pure warmth and touching in my heart.

At this time this year, with the passage of time, I have become an old cured meat watching small fresh meat military training. Whether you are happy or not, time always passes at a speed that you and I can't perceive. We don't know where it flows and where it goes. However, when we look back, it has washed the dust and faded the vanity. Today you came again, instead of walking last time, but riding a car. In fact, I understand that you are just farther away from me. It's more beautiful and mature. This is probably the growth mark brought by time. Seeing you approaching from a distance, the long lost touch arises spontaneously. The smile and voice have not changed at all. Only for a moment, they are full of joy.

I heard that you went to the real estate company and are now a consultant. I'm still happy for you to work in a place not too far from home. After all, I haven't left the province. I can see you more. It's not easy to hear you talk about life from work and salary from performance. Especially when I knew that you had to run four laps around the CBD, and you had to finish the raw onions in one minute in front of the leader, I had nothing but heartache. At this time, you work.

In the past two years after graduating from high school, whenever this season, you come silently. Is this a silent agreement between us? The original agreement is that three people go to the same city. With the erosion of time, it has been rusty. Agreement is everyone's commitment. Commitment requires everyone to stick to it. Perhaps, only the insistence of obscurity is the most beautiful language of commitment. Actually, I've been there all the time.

Looking up, the sky is still blue and the clouds are still white.

Looking back, the past is far away, and the fleeting years are gone.

Thank you for those days called once, we are crazy, we are young, our flowering season, we are young. We are always children who don't admit defeat, honey, come on! Fight for your dreams.

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.

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