sing a love song alone, sing alone, come alone and write

With the brush of Acacia, I can express my tender feelings for you, walk the world, see the prosperity of the world, sing a love song alone, sing alone, come alone and write

I always stubbornly believe that as long as I work hard, I can get priceless feelings. It's a very naive idea, without any distractions.

For strangers, I never dare to get too close; I do not deny that I am timid. I am afraid and worried. It is not the distance that worries me. It is not only the space but also the people's heart that worries me. The heart that has already been cracked is afraid that it will never be complete if it is broken. It is said that people who are nostalgic have a sentimental heart. When I pierce the world with tender eyes, I look at everything very lightly. Perhaps only in this way, will not be emotional, sad, tears; When warm and dependent, how beautiful it is to meet; When I meet you, it's a pain.

I often exclaim that if life is just like the first time, I don't meet, read, hurt or forget, and the smile on my face is still touchable. You left, and my heart fell on your windowsill. There are so many people in the world, but I can only be a lonely one. You walked away quietly. It only takes a few seconds, but the pain left in your heart needs a lifetime to heal.

That season of acquaintance, the warm sunshine is so bright, and the bright smile blooms in the whole season with you; I fell in love with you, and I fell in love with words. Every night, I put you in my dream to review over and over again. I knocked the characters of words in front of the screen without feeling tired. Time seems to be static, static in the time and space where only you and I are. Now that you have left, the smile is still blooming on my face, but no one's corner. The pain buried in my heart will still fall down my tears. A love song can only be solo

The fragrance of fingertips still remains in the treasured letterhead. When I read it again, I will remember the true characters and warmth. You said, I am not your passer-by, but the encounter of your soul, the unforgettable imprint of your life, but this is not enough fate, there is still a thin cold, I let go, but left my heart in your windowsill. Red paper incense, I use time to make a pen for you to write a long life; I devote my whole life to tenderness, make time to be quiet, and change your eyes; I will love you all my life, and you will be safe after so many years.

When I look back, you are the scenery I have been looking for all my life; In that amorous harvest season, we met and forgot the simple loneliness we had been waiting for for thousands of years. We listened carefully to each other's hearts at the ferry of the world of mortals through the world's intoxicating wind; That dedication broke the way back, but this love song is solo. The agreement on the Broken Bridge thousands of years ago passed through the mark of space and the balderdash city of moonlight. Sometimes, Mingming is very sad and wants to cry, but also grins; Obviously, I'm lonely, I'm afraid, and I need to be alone; Obviously, when people are online, they want to speak, but also learn to be invisible; Clearly want to meet, clearly look forward to, but also pretend not to care; Obviously, he is in a mess, and he wants to be accompanied by others, but also pretends to be silent; Obviously, I can't let go, but I have to let go; Clearly in the heart, clearly care about, but also indifferent; Don't say I don't care. What if I do? At this time, the eyes are like a deep old well, releasing deep desolation. The painful sadness and helplessness turn into tears and roll out of the eyes. The sadness is too deep, disturbing the heart and the world of mortals; Still smile gently, hold your head up stubbornly, tell yourself that you will never lose the smile, just smile to cover up the desolation

I am used to holding my right hand with my left hand, but the tearful eyes at midnight betrayed my heart. I have to admit that time has changed a lot. When others ask me whether my life is good or not, they will try to smile and say that it is OK. In fact, only they know how it is; Some pain is doomed to be hidden in the bottom of my heart. I have no choice but to be strong. I don't know how long I can persist in this way

There is a trace of bitterness behind the smile, which is far fetched from the corners of the mouth, but the smile is dim, and there is no bright; My heart is no longer tough, it will be broken when I touch it. I use a farfetched smile to cover up those cracks. Although my smile is sweet, it is also very bitter. Once the smile was the most beautiful, but now it is like the thick bitter coffee; My gorgeous turn, just to hide the tears left on my face, elegant smile, just to hide the imprint carved in my heart; I can't promise happiness for my whole life. How can I heal my inner wounds by promising perfection! The wind can not disperse the everlasting hatred. Love can only cause tears. Your back has gone away, and I am the only one crying alone. A love song solo

Deep in the eyes, there is deep sadness. It seems that after many vicissitudes of life and helpless life, I am the scenery along your way after all, and who is the scenery in your eyes now?

Next door to time, once lived a young me. Tearing for a flower, touching for a painting, touching for a song. But time is a one-way hourglass after all. Some people sink in the years, and some people stick to it, but the other side is empty now

Dancing on the sea in the fierce wind and rain, the reflection of the branches under the moon was sad, and you once had a brilliant life. Your life was like pomp, floating youth and settling years

I love you bitterly, but I have never thought about who I am in your heart and whether it is worth it. When you said no, I suddenly understood the role in the game; You want your happiness, you choose your choice, I'm just a passer-by who accompanied you crazy for a short carnival; You want your happiness. You are absolutely free. I can only find out after you leave that you are never mine. Who is the reason for that sigh in the middle of the night? Who is the sadness of the frown at night? For whom did the tears of late night accumulate? For whom are the tears rolling down in the deep spring at night? For whom is the yearning of that eye deep at night? The deep desolation of tears in the late night, can you ever feel it in the distance. But for me, I am doomed to come alone and go alone. Only I am wandering alone

At the corner of the sea and the end of the world, I will talk about my love in detail, and use unique words to bloom all over the sky. With the most devout heart, I will seal the eternal promise, and use the lovesickness pen to express my tenderness for you. Now you have gone far, and this love song is no longer sung with you, but the kiss in the dream is still there, but you have gone far, and I am the only one who sings a love song alone.

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