Singers and dancers

Singers and dancers

"Haw haw!" "Chirp, chirp!" My balcony from time to time to hear the sound of crisp. Sometimes slow, sometimes urgent, sometimes loud, sometimes low. Which singer is performing? Ah, it turned out to be our budgerigar, wren and insect.

Wren is a female bird, because its call is very loud and clear, and small and exquisite, so I call it "Wren". Its eyes are big and bright, a yellow feather, a pair of pink, tender feet, make the Wren become more flexible and lovely. The insect is the elder brother of the Wren, which is bigger and stronger than the wren. Its feathers are green and long, hairy, like a caterpillar, so I call it "insect". Its eyes are not as big as a wren, but they are very bright. Plus that oval head, a green straight figure, is not a "handsome guy"? They both have a "tiger skin Cape" on them. It's so cute! Their relationship is also good, never fight, get along very well!

Insect is a "singer" who has a "concert" every day, while wren is a "dancer" who dances with insect every day. Often at noon, "parrot concert" officially began. First of all, the wren and the insect flew out of the cage and appeared together. When we were eagerly looking forward to the start of the concert, the two little guys combed their feathers. Alas, these two "actors" just thought of dressing up when they went on stage. It's really careless. Finally managed the feather, the insect then started its "singing". Its singing is not bad: one moment is as graceful as a stream; one moment is as swift as a river; one moment is as pleasant as a spring; one moment is as loud and clear as a waterfall. Wren dance is also very good, sometimes like the "peacock screen", sometimes fly, sometimes jump around, sometimes around insects. The program is wonderful. Just after the "parrot concert", a handful of "flowers" - cabbage leaves were sent to me as a "fan". I am very happy to see them eating with relish.

I love my budgerigar! Because they not only bring me a lot of fun, but more importantly, they have planted a seed of love for small animals in my heart. It has sprouted, the longer it grows, the higher it grows

And I love dancing. I'm a lively, lovely and smart girl. I have many hobbies, but my favorite is dancing. When I was in kindergarten, my mother asked me to participate in the dance training class in kindergarten, so my dance foundation is very good. After school, my mother asked me to practice dancing on Sunday. Later, I began to learn belly dance. When I first started dancing, because I didn't understand the Arab customs, my movements were very stiff and I didn't feel anything. After dancing for some time, I didn't make much progress. I'm a little discouraged and want to back out. Mom saw what I was thinking. He said to me meaningfully, "daughter, you can't give up halfway when you do something. The most difficult thing in literature and art is dance. It's not easy to learn it well." My mother's words were like a heart tonic, which gave me endless strength. In my spare time, I studied with my mother, looked up materials, watched videos... So that I gradually understood the Arab customs and the characteristics of Arab dance. After my hard training and the guidance of my dance teacher, I learned Arabic dance in belly dance, and I love this passionate dance more and more. Everyone says it's hard to practice dancing, but I think it's sweeter than bitter because I love it. Whenever a difficult action is completed and practiced by oneself, there will be incomparable joy and sense of achievement in my heart. Dance not only enriches my spare time life, improves my artistic accomplishment, edifies my sentiment, but also makes me understand that any achievement depends on sweat and hard work. In the future life, I want to maintain this spirit of not giving up.

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